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Total Face Group - my experience getting cosmetic injectables

May 15, 2017


Hey guys, long time no speak. By now you would have realised that I have taken a break from blogging... I just don't have enough time in the day. I will be popping back in here and there to write about things that inspire me. 

Today I am talking about my experience getting Dysport (a muscle relaxant injectable similar to Botox... but a different brand) at the Total Face Group

I went to the Collins Street Total Face Group clinic (check out the other locations here) and saw the lovely Jane. I must admit that I am very reserved when it comes to treatments like injectables, and I find it very hard trusting people with my face - I am either concerned that they don't understand what I want, they will try to up-sell me something I don't need, or they won't be professional or good at their job. Jane was amazing! I love her! She is friendly, professional, and she understood exactly what I wanted to achieve and the best way to get those results in the most natural way. I really wanted to lose the lines in my forehead but wanted to maintain some brow movement so I didn't stop looking like myself - and she totally understood my concerns. Even though I will keep going back to Jane, I know that all of the staff at the Total Face Group clinics are highly trained and aim to provide the best treatment that will make you turn heads for the right reason... and not the wrong reason.

Hailey and I did a vlog about our experience at the Total Face Group on the Beauty News channel. Check it out below.  


I ended up having cosmetics injectables in my frown lines and around my eyes and you can see the before and after photos below. 

I personally am in love with the results. I have a very expressive brow and tend to have quite large expression lines in my forehead that have been getting worse with age. I was surprised that with only a few injections, almost all of my lines disappeared, yet I still had movement in my brows (which was what I was worried I would lose). It also looked so natural that no one knew I had anything done unless I told them - and then they wanted to know more details. The procedure itself was very quick and quite pain free (the injections felt like a small sting that only lasted a second). There was no down time and there was only a pin prick sized bruise that lasted maybe a couple of days. I saw results starting within the first few days and maximised over the next few weeks. 

PicMonkey Collage

The results typically last around 4 months and I did start seeing them diminish around the 3 month mark with pretty much all of the movement come back after 6 months. If you want to maintain the results you will need to book in every 4 months or so. I have booked in again because I think the procedure is completely worth the money and I noticed that I have saved a lot of money on expensive eye creams and serums and I have now simplified my skincare routine. 


Total Face Group also provide procedures like fillers, microdermabrasion, peels, treatment of scars and acne, hair removal, tattoo removal Cool Sculpting, skin analysis and more. They also stock some great skincare ranges like Obagi.

If you are interested in getting any cosmetic procedure but have been a little unsure, I highly recommend Total Face Group (especially Jane at the Collins Street clinic) because I had a great experience and I felt very comfortable and understood.


Note: I was given a discount to share my results from the procedure, but I will definitely keep going back there because I had such a great experience. 

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