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NEW Rimmel The Only 1 MATTE Lipsticks

March 2, 2017


Hey crew, if you have been reading my blog or watching my channel for the past year or so you would know that some of my all time favourite lipsticks that were released in 2016 were the Rimmel The Only 1 Lipsticks (see review here). Now Rimmel are back with a matte version *GASP* and I was lucky enough to be sent the whole range to review. The Rimmel Only 1 Matte Lipsticks claim to be comfortable, long lasting and have bold colour with a matte finish. These retail for $15.95 each and you can buy them from Priceline.

Ok let's start with the basics. There are nine shades in the range and the shades go from nudes to pinks, to reds, a purple and a chocolate brown. At first I thought this range was pretty comprehensive but after wearing them all I am missing some warmer shades - peach, orange, orange toned red. Being a person who suits oranges and orange toned reds I don't have many shades that I am really drawn to in this collection.

The packaging is very similar the original packaging (see below), they both have the exact same shape and show a band of plastic that represents the shade inside, but instead of being glossy and black it has a red and more matte finish. To be honest I don't love the new packaging, the plastic it feels quite lightweight, cheap and stiff to close.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 5.22.38 pm
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You can see from the photos above (who am I kidding, they are screenshots from my video review because I forgot to take swatch photos), you can see that the shades are quite opaque, they look nice and bold on the lips... but they aren't super matte. Much like the original The Only 1 lipsticks, these do apply quite thin and almost glossy and then settle to a more set formula. When they set on the lips they look a lot more matte.

Check my video out below if you want to see how each shade applies

That setting formula is what I loved about the original lipsticks but it's the downfall of these. The original glossy lipsticks needed to set and become a little sticky to last a long time on the lips, but when you take that same formula and add a more powdery matte finish then these can settle to be a bit chunky... sticky + powdery = gloopy. That's what I dislike about these lipsticks the most and what really let me down. They are comfortable, easy to apply, have a strong sweet scent (like the original ones - some love it, some hate it), are quite affordable, BUT they start looking chunky after a couple of hours of wear. Matte lipstick formulas are naturally longer lasting lipsticks and didn't benefit at all from being mixed with this The Only 1 setting formula.

So overall I wasn't in love with these and I think my love for the original formula really made me have high hopes... and a greater disappointment. I do think the best performing shades are the reds because they tend to almost stain the lips and wear off looking a lot more even than some of the other shades. I also love the addition of the brown nude and the chocolate brown as they are generally quite flattering as nudes on various skintones. So would I recommend these? Probably not, they are definitely wearable but they aren't anything that I would reach for - I would much prefer to recommend the original The Only 1 Lipsticks, and that's a big claim coming from a matte lip lover.


Note: this product was given to me as a press sample. My review is 100% my own opinion

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