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February 2017 Beauty Favourites!

March 3, 2017


Hello dear blog readers (if there any of you left?). I know I have been very MIA on my blog this year - the Beauty News channel is booming and takes up a lot of time and energy so I feel like maintaining blogging is spreading me thinner and thinner, but I am sure I will get used to it and finally have everything balanced out soon enough. Bare with me, I will make an effort to keep my blog active but I am taking having a bit of a break and having a rethink about what direction I want to take with my blog. I am thinking more lifestyle could be fun as I have had it up to here *gestures to my eyebrows* with reviewing makeup on my channel and then regurgitating the same information in a blog post. Anyway, watch this space to see what I decide to do... in the mean time lets regurgitate what I have already said in a YouTube video.

Ok so I was super happy to see the tail end of February... nothing personal Feb, I just had a really boring makeup month and s-t-ruggled coming up with content for my channel (and evidently my blog). I think Feb was the first month in years where I didn't buy any new makeup or beauty product! It wasn't an intentional thing, I just wasn't inspired by any of the new releases AND I am in the process of spending a lot of money on a tattoo and holiday... so there's that.

So the products I have been loving are a bit lack lustre, but lets give them some light anyway. Firstly, I have been loving the Daiso Tube Squeezer! This handy contraption helps squeeze out your toothpaste (or any tube product) but that's not why I like it... I like it because it has a little suction cup and a little hook that allows you to hang up your product in your shower or on your mirror and then easy remove it and hang it up again... genius!

Then the two products that have come in handy for post tattoo care are the Bioderma Atoderm PP Ultra Rich Foaming Gel and Bepanthen Antiseptic Cream. When looking after a fresh tattoo you need to clean it well with gentle product and the Bioderma one is great as it's free from fragrances and soap and works a treat on raw sensitive skin. Bepanthen has been fab at keeping my tattoo moisturised, it is sticky as hell but it last for around 12 hours on the skin and the antiseptic properties help at preventing any infection. Woo.

Some warm weather favourites are the Cancer Council Hand Cream SPF 30 and the Braun Silk Epil 9. The hand cream is a really fresh scented hand cream that has SPF 30 but doesn't feel greasy on the skin - perfect for the warmer months, or just to prevent any signs of aging. I can also thank the Braun Epilator for saving me from having to shave my legs every other day... I am currently on week 2 without needing to shave. Epilators aren't the most comfortable things in the world (after all, they pluck out your hairs one by one) BUT they work super well and they are less messy than waxing and you don't need to grow out your hairs to use it (unlike waxing). Check out my Cancer Council review here.

Some other random favourites are:
The Lush The Kiss Lip Scrub - this was a limited edition Valentines Day lip scrub and even though it worked great at exfolating the lips, lets face it, I love it because it tastes so nice! Check out my Lush Valentines Day post here
The Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette has been the palette I have been reaching for when I want to add a pop of colour to my boring project pan makeup. I forgot how nice the Zovea eyeshadow quality is and the cranberry shade has been a great addition to my boring brown looks.
The Rimmel Magnifeyes in 002 Kissed By A Rose Golden and 003 Queens Of The Bronze Age are two cream shadow sticks that I have been liking for quite some time now but they don't quite make it into the favourites pile each month. These are surprisingly great if you want just a quick wash of colour on your lids and they last really well. They are also great as an eyeshadow base.
Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Green Berry is not a surprise, this was my favourite nail polish of 2016 and here it is again in a favourites. It is the perfect bright green that isn't too dark, isn't too pastel and is the best pop of colour for the warmer months. It would also look great with a tan... not that I have one :P
If you want to see me talk about these products in case you can't be bothered reading - check out my video below!

Ok! So thats my regurgitating for another month. I am looking forward to creating different from my channel very soon!

Much love x Kat

Note: some of these products were given to me as a press sample. My review is 100% my own opinion. No one gives a damn that I am writing this post, these are genuinely my favourites of Feb!

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