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TOP 5: fresh fragrances for summer

January 15, 2017


We're currently in the middle of a hot summer in Australia so I thought I would share my top 5 summer/fresh fragrances. I personally prefer a fresh fragrance all year round because heavier fragrances can often give me a headache, but I am definitely more inclined to want reach for them in the warmer weather as lighter fresher scents are more refreshing. These are the fragrances that I have have been reaching for the most recently (click the name for links to where you can buy them).

This is my favourite scent of 2016 and is probably my most used scent in general. It is a unisex scent that is very light, clean, and reminds me of a waterfall (no idea why). This is also is one of the few fresh fragrances that actually lasts all day!
Top notes: mandarine, violet leaves, wasabi
Heart notes: rose, orris, pebble
Base notes: incense, sandalwood, vetiver

This is more of a sweet feminine fresh scent that has soft floral and fruity notes. It is one of my favourite scents and it is a great way to work in florals to your perfume collection if you find them generally overpowering and a bit stale. The mixture of fruity and floral is perfect and it makes for a really refreshing feminine scent. 
Top notes: grapefruit, apricot, blackcurrant buds absolute
Heart notes: jasmine, woodland lily, rose
Base notes: apple, woody elements

This is a pretty basic fresh scent that would suit most people. It's a little bit of citrus, a bit floral, but the most exciting thing about this is the packaging. It looks like a mini replica of Windex cleaning spray and it is amazing! If you are into collecting fragrance packaging then this is a must. 
Top notes: citrus bergamia, mandarine, ylang-ylang
Heart notes: osmanthus, peony, raspberry
Base notes: cedar wood, patchouli, woody elements, ambroxan

#4 Lumira Paradisium
This is an amazing scent made by a smaller Australian brand. This is a very unique, grown up, modern fresh scent and I am obsessed with it. It is supposed to evoke a Mediterranean feel and I completely get it. The only reason this isn't equal first with CK2 is because I don't find that this scent lasts on me all day.
Notes: luscious green fit intertwined with fresh bergamot

#5 Marc Jacobs Daisy
This is a classic fresh floral fragrance. It smells like a spring day and is a bright floral with not much sweetness to it. A beautiful fresh warm weather scent if you are a lover of white floral scents.
Top notes: strawberry, violet leaves, pink grapefruit
Heart notes: gardenia, jasmine, violet
Base notes: musk, vanilla, woody elements


Note: some of these products were given to me as a press sample. My review is 100% my own opinion. No one gives a damn that I am writing this post, these are genuinely the fragrances I love to wear in summer. 

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