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Lorac Mega Pro Palette 3 - review, swatches and comparison to the Mega Pro & Mega Pro 2

December 7, 2016


The time has come to start reviewing some of the numerous holiday/Christmas releases that I have been buying this year. I thought I would talk about the Lorac Mega Pro 3 today because Hailey and I are giving one away on our BEAUTY NEWS channel and the giveaway is open for around another week.

Let's start with the absolute worst part of this palette... it is a complete bitch to get your hands on. Lorac only stocks in the US and often sells products through online stores like Amazon... but this palette is Ulta exclusive and Ulta DOES NOT ship internationally. So to buy this you either need to have a good buddy from the US that is willing to buy one and send it over or you have to use a shipping forwarding service that usually blows the cost of the palette out to an extreme amount of money. I was lucky enough to order this through a friends friend but the fact that this is so hard to get really annoys me about this palette! I don't understand why Lorac can sell their normal permanent palettes through Amazon but over the past two years have refused to ship their holiday items internationally - tisk tisk.

So once again, you can only buy this in store or online at Ulta and it retails for US$59, is limited edition, and contains 32 eye shadow shades.


If you are familiar with the previous Lorac Mega Pro Palettes or even the permanent Lorac Pro Palettes then you would be familiar with the thin, but sturdy, cardboard packaging with small square pans. This palette is no different. This year the palette is white cardboard with rose gold lettering, which looks really cool and Christmassy, but is actually very impractical and gets grubby very quickly. The mirror is huge and allows you to do your full face of makeup easily in it, but the lid of the palette needs to be held up if you want to use the mirror, but the lid can be folded back behind the palette which is convenient.


There are two rows of mattes (each with 8 shades) and two rows of shimmer (each with 8 shades). The colour theme this year is very neutral with a lot of warm browns and some nice dusty purples. There is a pop of shimmery red and a few greys which definitely stand out as weird additions to this palette. The only shade that I can see as being a double up to the previous two Mega Pro palettes or the Pro Palettes is the matte shade Jet Black - which also appears in the newer Pro 3. Even with the one overlap it is great to see that the vast majority of this palette is new unique shades.
PicMonkey Collage
Row 1 - Pink Cream, Tan, Pecan, Walnut,  Dusty Mauve, Violet Gray, Eggplant, Dark Navy
Row 2 - Crepe, Toffee, Mist, Vintage, Hickory, Maple, Bark, Jet Black
Row 3 - Snow, Cava, Cider, Bellini, Brown Sugar, Sequoia, Glacier, Deep Fog
Row 4 - Tulle, Pink Bronze, Rust, Rose Quartz, Olive, Dark Roast, Pomegranate, Licorice

Hopefully you can see from the swatch photos about that ALL of these shadows perform really nicely. These are swatched over no primer and are one swipe of each shade. The formula is exactly the same as the eyeshadows in the permanent Pro Palettes and they are lovely but they also have their limitations. They are highly pigmented, very easy to blend and work with, but they tend to be quite soft and can kick up a lot of powder if you are too rough your brush. Once you learn to work around the softness and gently pat your brush into the pan then these are superbly performing shadows.


Since I have been collecting the Lorac Mega Pro palettes since the first one, I thought I would do a quick side by side comparison of the shades. You can see that the two rows of matte and two rows of shimmer format is consistent throughout the palettes. The first palette (maroon packaging) is a neutral palette with some wearable pops of colours but mainly nude shades with a nice mix of warm and cool, the second palette (blue packaging) was mainly light shades and pops of bold colours, and the third palette (white packaging) is mainly warm neutrals with pops of grey and red. The Lorac Mega Pro 3 is definitely the most "wearable" of the three palettes.


Even though I think the Mega Pro 3 is a great palette, the shades aren't anything unique and I still feel like the original Mega Pro was a lot more inspiring. It is also worth noting that the original Mega Pro palette had a total of 17.6g of product but the Mega Pro 2 and 3 each have 12.8g of product, which isn't much product for a 32 shade palette.

Overall I am happy to continue to collect the Mega Pro Palettes because the quality is lovely BUT I am consistently disappointed at how badly distributed they are... it's just not fair!

If you did want to get your hands on a Mega Pro 3 Palette, don't forget to enter the giveaway on the BEAUTY NEWS channel! The giveaway closes soon so if you are interested then check it out now!

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