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Sleek i-Divine Goodnight Sweetheart Limited Edition Palette

November 20, 2016

When people ask me what I recommend for a good quality but affordable eye shadow palette, I often direct them to the Sleek i-Divine palettes. Sleek have recently released three new limited edition palettes, and the one that caught my eye was the Goodnight Sweetheart palette.

I bought this palette from the Sleek website for around AU$15. You can buy Sleek products from Target in Australia, but I am not sure if this one is available yet and they are slightly more expensive in Target vs online. If you are after one product or you want to test out Sleeks quality then definitely buy it in store, but if you are going to order a few things then it's more cost effective to order online and pay for shipping.

The box has a limited edition design, but the actual packaging of the palette is the same as the permanent i-Divine palettes. The packaging is, for lack for a better word, basic - it is made of black plastic and has the Sleek logo and palette name on the front, inside there is a good sized mirror, a double ended sponge applicator and a clear slip with the shade names on it. There are twelve shades in the palette that contain 0.8g of product per shade.

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The swatches above are swatched on bare skin. This palette is a very smoky but romantic feel about it (which is also reflected in the shade names) and it is a great palette to have to inject some wearble colour into a basic look. There are deep pinks, a matte wine (which is probably my favourite shade of the palette), some deeper browns and cranberry shades, some purples and greys. Most shades perform really well (I do really like the Sleek formula in general) with maybe the one exception being the last shade in the palette, Sleeping Beauty, which is a very sheer satin grey.

I do like the quality of the shades overall and recommend this palette if you like the look of the shades. Even though this palette can create a variety of looks, it is not a complete palette and I find myself needing to reach for more mattes and basic shades to finish off my look. Regardless, I really love the shades and see myself reaching for them a lot in autumn and winter to create a vampy look with a wine lipsticks or a dark nude. The main downside is that the palette packaging is a bit meh, but it's an affordable palette so they need to cut costs somewhere.

If you want to inject some flattering deep smokey colours into your look then I recommend picking up this palette before it's gone.

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  1. I love my sleek pallet I got the matte one and i wish i remembered to reach for it more. These shades look so pretty in pan and swatches, would be a great pallet for traveling because you can a lot with those neutral shades.
    This was a great post and great photos

    Katie |


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