IMATS Haul and Vlog

November 28, 2016

Hey crew! I am going to be a bit quite on my blog/channel/instagram because my camera and phone both decided to have a few issues at the same time... but I will make do!
In the mean time I thought I would share my IMATS haul and Sydney vlog.
I have been to IMATS a few times and this year was super quiet and a little disappointing. We didn't end up sticking around too long, but I am kicking myself because after I left I realised that the new MAC strobing highlighters were at IMATS and at 20% off... they are supposed to release in Australia in February next year! Ah well, they will be mine eventually! I was also excited to check out the Makeupnet stand but there was a crazy queue just to browse and since I didn't want to line up for hours I gave that stand a miss. NYX also had some great looking deals but also a great looking long line, so I didn't pick up any NYX.
I did manage to pick up 10 of my favourite lashes - the Model Rock #241. It's great picking these up at trade shows because you get to pick 10 lashes for $35. Of course you can get a variety of styles but I always come back to the #241.

Then I hit the Hakuhodo stand and picked up 4 brushes. I mainly chose eye brushes because they were more affordable ($16-$26 mark) than the face brushes $60+++). I also find that eye brushes make a big difference to your application, whereas for the face I am fine with cheaper brushes. The brushes I got were J521H, B004G, G5517 and J007H.
I also bought an Express Brush Cleaning Mat for $12.50 which sticks onto the bottom of your sink to help with more effective brush cleaning.
I headed to Inglot to buy some glitters but on day one of IMATS they were out of stock of what I wanted. I ended up getting an Inglot Duraline to help rehydrate my gel liners.  
Lastly I was umming and ahhing about getting the Sugarpill Kim Chi liquid lipstick, I wasn't sure about the shade and the $30 price tag, but I since I didn't buy any makeup I thought I would give it a go. I am on the fence about the shade but I am keen to use it in a liquid lipstick wear test.
Did you pick up any great deals at IMATS?
It was lovely meeting a few of my followers and Beauty News members xoxox

Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 7.41.36 pm


  1. It was so lovely meeting you at IMATS. I didn't end up getting much at IMATS but made up for it at Sephora and Mecca :)

  2. I didn't go to IMATS, but I will say this - I agree with you & Hailey about Sydney men being creeps! I'm from Sydney myself & I've been snapped in the street before just minding my own business walking is rather WTF when it happens! Also had some dude who was (quite possibly) a sandwich short of a picnic stand behind me at a bus stop & just full on stared at Mum turned around & told him to piss off lol. Thankfully he walked off after that. Don't get me started on those who catcall or stare at you whilst you're at a bus stop or just walking around your suburb...have had that happen too.


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