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Halloween with Lush

November 1, 2016


If you're like me and you didn't have a chance to celebrate Halloween, don't worry, Lush has your back! Lush creates special collections every year for all the different holidays and special occasions... including Halloween. 

The Halloween collection this year contains bath bombs, bubble bar, shimmer bar, soaps, shower cream, knot wraps and Halloween packs. I was lucky enough to be sent a selection to test out.


Definitely the cutest bathbomb I have ever seen is the Monsters' Ball Bath Bomb that looks like a cute cyclops monster and has a lovely sweet lime scent. This bathbomb is a mix of pink and blue which creates a pretty purple bath.

Then there is also the Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb that has a lovely warm herbal peppery scent which is the same scent as the shower cream below. This bath bomb has a green exterior but a wine coloured centre which makes for a really fun bath experience where initially the bath looks like a tie dyed swirl of colour and ends up mixing into a midnight blue bath. There is also the Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb and the Halloween collection.

The Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar which you break up and crumble into your bath to create bubbles. This has a very fruity citrus and berry scent and a pretty golden shimmer.


The Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar is a very sweet fruity scented body butter bar that contains finely milled silver glitter that gives the skin a soft sheen.

The first of two soaps in the range is the Fireside Soap which has a very strong spice scent with a hint of vanilla. This has a cute flame design and the scent would be beautiful and warming in cooler weather. The second soap is the Magic Wand Soap which is a large circle slice shaped soap that is orange and tangerine scented. This is a fun zesty scent that would be fantastic for a fresh summer shower. 

Lastly I have been trailing the Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream which is actually the second time I have used this shower gel. It shares the same scent as the bath bomb of the same name and is a VERY green shower gel that will definitely give you a fun green lather. 

The Lush Halloween range is a very fun and simple way to get excited about Halloween and the upcoming holiday season. 

Check out the whole Halloween range here and the Christmas collection here


Note: these products were given to me as a press sample. My review is 100% my own opinion

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  1. Love the green colour of Lord of Misrule and those little monster bath bombs are adorable! Lush always gets their holiday collections right :)




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