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Ciate London x Chloe Morello Beauty Haul - review and swatches

November 6, 2016


The Ciate x Chloe Morello Beauty Haul has just been restocked at Mecca Maxima so I thought it was a good time to get my review up.

This is a pack made by Ciate and that is endorsed by Chloe Morello. It contains a 15 pan eye shadow palette, a makeup bag and a mini liquid lipstick and mascara, and retails in Australia for $70 and can be bought at Mecca Maxima stores or online at the Mecca website. If you are not from Australia you can buy it from the US Sephora or the Ciate website.




Before I tell you what I think of the products themselves I did want to alert you to what I think about this collaboration. I am all for YouTubers collaborating with brands to create products, but Chloe claims that she picked the shades and helped design the palette, but I am personally very skeptical. The only printed involvement of her collaboration is the outer box and also a card that comes in the kit. The makeup bag only says Ciate London and the palette has a sticker on it saying "curated by Chloe Morello". The shade names are very generic and don't have any special connection to Chloe, and neither does the name of the palette. "Pretty, Fun and Fearless" refers to a range of Ciate eye shadow palettes which have the Pretty Palette, the Fun Palette and the Fearless Palette. All of this makes me think that Chloe was brought in to help market the pack and she just put her name and face on it. I originally thought she picked the colours of the palette but then I realised that this palette was clearly designed and printed before her involvement (hence the sticker on the palette instead of her name being directly printed on it) and the colours of the packaging reflect the shade inside the palette, which is why I don't think Chloe chose the shade range.

The Chloe fans might be reading this getting quite defensive and asking "who cares, what's your point?" Well, I care because I believe that this pack is overpriced due to the Chloe name on it, and I don't like companies lying to their consumers.


Before I get onto the palette I did want to mention that I really like the mini Wonderwand Mascara, which gives really pretty wispy lashes that reminds me a lot of the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (even the wand looks very similar).

The mini Liquid Velvet Lipstick in Pin Up is also really nice and is comfortable and reasonably long lasting for a matte liquid lipstick. The shade is a great muted berry shade that would suit most skin tones.


The makeup bag is nice. I like the navy and rose gold detailing, it just seems a little out of place without Chloe's name or picture on it. The only reason for including the makeup bag in this pack is to give Chloe's fans a keepsake for when they use up the makeup... so it just seems like a wasted opportunity that it only has Ciate London written on it.


I love the shade range in this palette. Lately all wearable palettes have been very warm toned so it's nice to see a palette that incorporates warm and cool in a really versatile way. The top row is primarily warm nudes, the middle row is made of light shades and taupes and the bottom row is purples through to navy blue.  There are 6 shimmery shades and 9 matte shades.

You can literally mix and match any of these shades and they will create a beautiful look... you can mix the golds with the plums, the taupe with the navy, you can make warm looks, cool looks, light looks, smokey looks, shimmery looks or all matte looks and everything in between. The shades all work really nicely to compliment each other which means this palette is very very versatile and can go simple to dramatic, summer to winter.

PicMonkey Collage

My biggest disappointment with this palette is that the shades all swatch pretty well, but the shimmery shades don't pick up on the brush well so they make it very difficult to work with. The matte shades aren't as pigmented as I would like but they blend nicely on the eye and you can build them up. The shimmery shades are too dense and moist and the best way to apply them are with your finger, which really limits how you use the shades. An example of how they swatch with a finger vs the brush is in the photo below. To get a bold shimmery lid with a brush will have you re-dipping the brush around 5-6 times and really gouging into the pan to pick up as much product as possible. For the price of this palette it's not good enough.


Overall I like this kit. The mascara is nice, the lip product is nice, the shades in the palette are great, the makeup bag is nice. However I think it is way overpriced for the quality of the shadows, the fact that you get mini makeup products and a makeup bag that doesn't have Chloe's name on it. Do I regret buying it? Not really. Do I think it's a wasted opportunity? Yes.

Did you pick up this kit? What are your thoughts on it?

For live swatches check out my video review.


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