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Morphe 35OS Palette - review and swatches

October 29, 2016


I finally bit the bullet and decided to buy my first Morphe palette... yes, I am very late to the party with this one! I have been reluctant to spend the money after hearing such mixed reviews about the Morphe eye shadow palettes in general, but decided to give it a go and try the hyped up Morphe 35OS palette.

The Morphe 35OS palette was recently released alongside the Morphe 35OM palette as a follow up to the super popular Morphe 35O palette. If this sounds like mumbo jumbo to you, don't worry, it just means that these are the palettes that contain 35 shades, and the 35O is the orange themed palette that contained a mixture of finishes, the new 35OS palette is the orange themed all shimmer palette and the 35OM is the orange themed all matte palette.

I found that the most affordable place to buy Morphe in Australia is from Beauty Bay where the 35 palettes retail for $35.60 each with free shipping. Being a relatively new palette this one is often sold out. You can also find the Morphe range on the Morphe website.


This is a very affordable palette which means that Morphe has had to cut some costs to keep the price down. The biggest cost cutting element is clearly the packaging - it is a flimsy black plastic palette with very little detail... and definitely doesn't have a mirror in the lid. This doesn't bother me too much because I would prefer to have a decent product in cheap packaging than a bad product in good packaging.

You would also see that this is a very large palette and a few people have expressed that they would have concerns storing it - I just wanted to mention that it is smaller than an A4 piece of paper so it does fit easily in a standard drawer, and would also be easy to stack on a shelf.

You get a total of 56.2g of product for $35.60 which is probably the cheapest eye shadow per gram that I have ever experienced. To make these as cheaply as possibly Morphe has these made in China and the first ingredient is talc... which is bad if you have talc sensitivities, but if you don't then it isn't an issue.


There are five rows of seven shades and clearly each shade is shimmery. The shades do vary in finish however, and range from satin to shimmer to metallic. The metallic shades seem to be the softest, most pigmented and a little crumbly (like a pressed pigment) but are very easy to apply on the eye.

PicMonkey Image

I hope you can see from the swatches above that these shadows are soooo pigmented and are so impressive for the price tag. I was honestly taken back by how lovely these apply and that there are no bad performing shades. My only criticism is that for a palette of 35 shades there is surprisingly little variety. I personally prefer mid toned bronzes, golds, taupes and coppers as my primary lid colour and I could only find maybe 4 or 5 that I would wear on a daily basis. The majority of this palette is shimmery light shades, shimmery harsh oranges or shimmer dark browns. Even though I was extremely impressed with the quality, I was let down by the shade variety.

Overall I highly recommend this palette, especially for the price. The shades are all beautifully pigmented and they apply perfectly and last all day over a primer. If you love the shades in this palette then you should definitely check this out! I was so inspired by the quality of this palette that I bought the 35T (taupe) palette the very next day... but that will be a review for next week.

Here is my video review and live swatches of the palette. 


Have you tried any Morphe palettes? What is your favourite?


  1. Ah, it really is a thing of beauty! I've been resisting Morphe palettes so far (maybe cus they're so popular, I'm rebelling? lol), but this truly does look gorgeous in the pan and in your swatches. I'll have to give this one a closer peek :)


  2. Great review and swatches, Kat, this has been on my wishlist along with the 35T, so I just might have to bite the bullet and hop to it soon!

    I actually would wear quite a few of these shades, but that's because I can get away with a bit more with my skintone. Do agree that there isn't much versatility in the range of shades though. xx

  3. I was so close to getting this one but I popped on the new 35F instead . . . hopefully I didn't make the wrong decision. This is my first time with Beauty Bay too . . . I'm excited for my haul to arrive!


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