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Tested: toning brow hair using Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde Toner - before and after results

August 16, 2016


If you know me you will know that I am rubbish with hair - I wash it, lather it in dry shampoo and... maybe get it cut every 6 - 12 months. I bit the bullet a few months ago and got a slight ombre (sorry, balayage) put into my hair for a bit of a change. I wasn't able to go too light because I had a bit of colour build up on my hair and it would have damaged my hair too much to attempt to go blonde. Aaaanyway, long story short - I haven't done anything to my hair since getting it coloured and it has now turned an orange brown which I don't hate, but would prefer it a little more ashy brown. I do have a brown toner that I have maybe used once or twice but I don't really want my hair to be much darker, I just want warm tones to be removed a bit.

So I decided to experiment over the weekend and report my findings. I bought some Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde - Blonde Toner and wanted to see if it would remove some of the warmth in my brown hair. Now if you are a hair fanatic you might be jumping up and down because it's not the right way to tone brown hair... but I'm being scientific! I mainly picked this toner because it was easy accessible (I bought it from Coles) and it was around the $8-$9 full price for 150ml.


The toner is very purple (as you can see from the above photo and my stained hands below). The purpose of the purple is that it tints the hair purple which counteracts the yellow tones. This toner does not contain any ammonia or peroxide so it doesn't lighten the hair, it just adjusts the colour. The recommendation for use is to apply it for 1-5 minutes on shampooed hair. I decided to leave it in considerably longer as the only down sides for leaving it in longer is that it could tint blonde hair purple... but that wasn't a big issue for my hair. If you have blonde hair then you might want to apply this for 5 minutes and only increase the time on following applications if you felt like it needed more toning but I decided to leave it in for a good 40-45 minutes.


This pack doesn't come with gloves so I didn't expect it to stain my hands, but it did slightly. When you rinse out the toner the colour comes off your hands completely. I actually didn't mind the stained hands because a) the colour was pretty and b) it gave me hope that this may work on my hair...

... I was wrong

After 45min of toning
As you can see from the above before and after photos the toning did nothing to my hair. Very disappointing. I did buy two bottles in case I didn't have enough to cover my hair, so next time I use it I will apply it for a couple of hours to see if it does anything (if it does I will update this blog post) but on first impressions this did zilch! I have heard that this toner works really well at toning blonde hair but clearly it's a no go for brown hair.

If you have any suggestions on great toners for brown hair that will remove the warmth without darkening the colour too much then feel free to leave suggestions below.


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