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NEW Benefit Cosmetics Brow Products #benefitbrows #magicbrows

August 24, 2016

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Benefit Cosmetics have recently revamped their brow range by changed the packaging, adding in new products and added shades to existing brow products.
I was sent a really cute PR pack with four of the products to try, and here are my thoughts!

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Firstly, the packaging is really fun. Previously Benefit's brow products all had different looking packaging and were pretty boring (by Benefit packaging standards anyway). Now they are all have silver packaging with an almost geo cut/diamond cut detailing. This does make the packaging more bulky than before, but surprisingly it isn't as bulky as I thought it would be. The packaging isn't heavily weighted, but it doesn't feel cheap and flimsy either. This redesign definitely gives the brow range a very cohesive look.

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I have been trying the new Gimme Brow in the shade 3 and this is the same formula as the old Gimme Brow which is a tinted brow gel with fibers to make the brows appear thicker. The old Gimme  Brow had 2 shades available, but the new range now has 6 shades. The shades range from 1 (lightest) to 6 (deepest) and they say that 1 and 2 are light, 3 and 4 are medium and 5 and 6 are deep. This is the same as the rest of the coloured brow products and I really appreciate the wider range of shades available.

I have also been trying their Goof-Proof Brow Pencil in the shade 4 which is a perfect match for my brows. I actually love this pencil! It has a squished diamond shape that allows you to finely line the brows or draw in hairs with the tip and also use the flat side to fill in larger areas. This is definitely a winner in the range and I love that it also comes with a spooley.

Then Benefit has finally added in a brow pomade to their line called Ka-Brow. This comes with a small angle brush in the lid (handy for people who are new to filling in their brows). I really like pomade/cream brow products because if you have very sparse brows, like me, it gives you the ability to fill in large areas and shape your brows quickly. You can apply this lightly for a more natural look or apply more for a more graphic brow and it is waterproof it's supposed to last up to 24 hours. Once again this comes in 6 shades and number 4 is perfect for my brows and is nicely cool toned. My only negative with this is that the angle brush is very small and can take some time to fill in your brows, but you can always use another angle brush with it if you wish.

Lastly I have been testing out the Browvo Conditioning Primer. Originally I thought this was a silly product, but the more I try it the more I like it. It is a brow primer that helps your brow products last longer and it doubles as a brow treatment that helps your brow hairs grow. Now I haven't been using it long enough to see any brow growth, but I am happy to try it (check out my pathetic brows below). It is really easy to use - you twist the bottom of the pen (one click for each brow) and then you brush it through using the applicator - simple! This is a clear product so it will suit all brows and it contains keratin and soy proteins to condition the brows.

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Above is my before and after using all the four products. Sure, I wouldn't use four brow products on a daily basis but I thought I should demonstrate them all. I did a video review where I demonstrated each product and check that out below.

Overall I really am excited for this relaunch of the Benefit brow products. I have tried Benefit brow products before and really liked them, but I did think they were very limited and dated with their shade range and products available so I am impressed with the new range. If you wanted to see the rest of the range (yes, they did release way more than just these products) and prices, check out the links below to the official Benefit site but also to Adore Beauty who are Australian resellers who ship super quickly for free.

Note: these products were given to me as a press sample. My review is 100% my own opinion

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