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Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Palettes - Cappuccino Nudes and Golden Nudes

August 30, 2016


Over the last couple of weeks I have been testing out the new(ish) Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Palettes. I was sent one for review and was so impressed with the look of the palette that I thought I would pick up the second palette to complete this review.

There are two palettes available in this range 01 Cappuccino Nudes and 02 Golden Nudes and I am struggling to find the price of this online but I believe full priced it's around the $30-$32 range per palette (I bought mine 30% off at Big W). You can buy them from Priceline, Target, Big W and selected Myer and Pharmacy stores. Max Factor is starting to disappear from some stores so they might be harder to track down.


The packaging is very sleek and pretty. There is no mirror in the lid but the palette is made out of clear plastic so it's easy to see which palette you are reaching for. The detailing is a metallic gold and the overall palette looks very sleek and clean. This also comes with a double sided sponge applicator. The packaging isn't as sturdy or as heavy as I usually like but it isn't as cheap and flimsy as some other drugstore palettes.


When I first saw the Cappuccino Nudes I straight away thought of the Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette. When I put the palettes next to the Naked Palette you can see that there are a couple of similarities to the first half of the Naked palette, but that's only because they are both "nude" palettes and share some generic nude eye shadow palette staples (matte cream, shimmery highlight, matte transition shade etc etc). The Golden Nudes also shares a couple of similar golden/olive bronze shades as the middle part of the Naked palette.


You can see from the swatches that the Cappuccino Nudes palette is very standard and neutral. It contains a few light cream/pink shades, a couple of mid toned pinky nude/caramel shades and deeper browns and a shade that almost looks black. The formula overall is very nicely pigmented but VERY soft - be super careful when picking up the product because you can pick up too much or even create a bit of a dent in the pan (yes, they are THAT soft). Because they are so soft they do blend beautifully on the eye. There are three matte shades (the cream, caramel and chocolate shades) and the rest are shimmer or satin. The potentially only dud shade is the matte caramel shade that is a little less buttery and doesn't swatch as well as the other shades, but it does apply nicely as a transition shade or crease colour and can be built up.


The Golden Nudes is where my heart lies. This is much more of a warm/golden palette and I am in love with it. It also contains three mattes (yellow toned cream, a more golden caramel shade and a black), a sparkly soft gold that doesn't have a base colour and is more like a glitter topper shade, and four beautiful mid toned gold, bronze, copper and olive. The formula is more consistent than the first palette but this is overall a more metallic, deeper and warmer palette.

I would recommend Cappuccino Nudes to the people who might have fairer skin and love using light shimmery pinks and highlight colours all over the lid and Golden Nudes for people who might have more olive or deeper skin or warmer undertones and prefer bronze and gold shades all over the lid. Regardless of which one you try, I think these are some of the best drugstore eye shadow palettes I have used and if you can work around the powdery formula (which is not hard to get used to) then I really do recommend them.

Have you tried these? What are your thoughts?


  1. Drugstore makeup companies have really upped their game with eyeshadow palettes. Some fall short but these look amazing! Somehow, I haven't seen them in store yet but I will have to keep an eye out.

    Emma | Rosy Disposition


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