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Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit

August 5, 2016


Highlighting has been a huge trend for a while now but, although I was all aboard the extreme highlighting train about a year ago, I have lost interest in highlighters unless they are a little different. Well when Anastasia Beverly Hills released their newest Moonchild Glow Kit (the fifth glow kit in the range) I was very excited because this is VERY different from most highlighters and highlighting palettes on the market. Instead of containing your typical champagne or gold highlighters this palette contains coloured highlighters and the graphics released were gorgeous!

abh moonchild (13)
graphics from the Anastasia Beverly Hills site

As soon as this palette was released I purchased it. It currently is only available from the Anastasia Beverly Hills website where it retails for US$40. International shipping is around US$18 - which is expensive but it ships very quickly.

The packaging is a simple cardboard palette without a mirror and it comes in a slip that is identical to the palette design. The packaging is sleek and thin and it has a soft ombre blue colouring that has a soft holographic reflection that you can see when you move it in the light.

There are six shades in the palette and the Anastasia Beverly Hills site describes them as:

Blue Ice - Diamond white with an icy blue reflect
Star - A moonstone fusion of mint, platinum and silver reflect
Purple Horseshoe - A glittering lavender with an arctic blue reflect
Pink Heart - Pearl white with a pink opal reflect
Lucky Clover - A shamrock-infused gold with canary yellow diamond reflect
Blue Moon - Frozen blue with a silver reflect

These are very hard to show up accurately in swatches so I do recommend checking out my video review where I swatch each shade with a brush. You can definitely see the shades better there.

So these are very pretty and I really respect ABH for doing something a little different. I am however on the fence about this palette. The quality of the highlighters are beautiful and you can definitely blend them out for a softer sheen or you can build them up for a strong metallic finish HOWEVER I would have loved to see more variation in the shades.

The palette is primarily blue which in my opinion is a bit of a waste since the blue shades are the most jarring on the skin and the least wearable on a daily basis. The most wearable are Pink Heart which is a white with a strong pink flash and Lucky Clover which is a yellow green highlight - both of these shades are unique but they don't stand out as being strange. Blue Ice and Purple Horseshoe end up looking very bright blue on the skin and look very similar. They do look unique and lovely but they won't be for everyone and you definitely don't need both in the palette - I would have loved to see Purple Horseshoe to be more of a pinky mauve instead of a blue purple as the purple base and the blue shift almost looks like a bruise. Also Star and Blue Moon are both blue based powders with a silver sheen... which once again is indistinguishable on the skin.

Do I like this palette? Yes. Would I recommend it to everyone? No. This is definitely more of a palette for people who love experimenting with colour and might have pastel purple hair that would look epic with a blue highlight or makeup artists might love this for their kit. This is still wearble for the average makeup lover but I just think the double ups of shades are annoying. They could have reduced this to a palette of four larger pans (like the other Glow Kits) and remove Purple Horseshoe and Blue Moon or they could have replaced them with a more true purple and even an orange to really diversify the shades.

You can buy this at the Anastasia Beverly Hills website


  1. They remind me so very much of the pastel sidewalk chalks we used to use as kids, but in a good way?!? The swatched colors more so than the in pan shots. However they look beautiful I cannot see myself wearing a blue highlight though a pink I would be fine with because of proximity to the blush application. I'm difficult! :D

  2. This is such a beautiful palette! I cannot even believe how stunning these shades are. x


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