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QV breakfast and new ambassador

July 12, 2016

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A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to a QV breakfast at the gorgeous Jardin Tan restaurant in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne.

We were introduced to the super sweet Kate Ritchie who was announced as the new brand ambassador. I think Kate is a perfect fit for the brand as she seems like a very relatable and really lovely person who has a young family and values simple, gentle and effective skincare.

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I have been using some of the QV products that I received from the breakfast and they have been saving my skin this winter. The QV Wash has become a permanent fixture in my shower as it is a gentle soap free wash that is effective at cleansing the skin, has a nice soft lather and doesn't dry out my skin. The QV Skin Lotion is firmly planted on my bathroom sink as it is a light but very hydrating lotion that I love to use all over my body and it doesn't feel at all greasy or too heavy. I get dry patches on my back and arms during winter and these have been so fantastic for my skin.

If you are after some gentle, simple, effective and affordable skincare then I recommend checking out QV Skincare. You can find them at the QV website, at Priceline, or most pharmacies.

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Note: these products were given to me as a press sample. My review is 100% my own opinion

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  1. The photos are so nice!
    Great event, thanks for sharing.


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