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Urban Decay Afterglow 8 Hour Highlighters

June 27, 2016


The Urban Decay After Glow 8 Hour Powder Highlighters finally hit the Australian shores the other week and of course I had to buy all three to test them out.

These retail for AU$42 each, they contain 6.8g of product, come in three shades, and are available in Mecca Maxima stores or online at the Mecca website.


The packaging looks really fancy on first impressions. They come in shiny pink, purple and silver boxes and the compact itself is silver, highly metallic, has a cut out UD crosshatched design on the front, and a label on the back that is in a colour that corresponds to the shade of the highlighter. When you open the compact you realise that it's just a grey plastic compact that doesn't have a mirror in the lid but does have a magnetic closure. These look nice from afar but close up they are pretty average for the price tag.
The three shades available are inspired and named after three Urban Decay eyeshadows. Sin is a champagne gold and is a very dupable shade (it is very similar in shade to The Balm's Mary-Lou Manizer), Aura is a light, almost white, mauve toned pink and Fireball is a peachy coral with a bright pink shift.


Overall as a collection I think that these are quite nice, they do last on the skin all day and definitely lives up to the 8 hour claim, but surprisingly my thoughts on these highlighters do vary from shade to shade.

My least favourite of the three was in fact Sin. This looks like the most wearable and typical highlighter shade of the three but what I disliked about it was that it was SO intense. Even when you apply this lightly it makes you skin almost look like it has a metallic piece of foil stuck to it and I am personally over the extreme highlighting trend. Being highly reflective this also emphasises skin texture. I do think the shade is very common and isn't anything new or unique. I find that I need to really buff this into the skin to tone it down and make it wearable.

My favourite of the three is Aura as it gives you a very obvious highlighted look but it isn't as sparkly and metallic as Sin, so it flatters the skin. The shade is also very unique and hard to dupe. Even though this looks almost white in the pan it doesn't appear too frosty or white on the skin and instead gives the skin just a sheen of pastel pink which I am really loving at the moment. The soft cool toned pink sheen is perfect for lighter skin tones and winter makeup looks.

Fireball is also lovely and very unique but it is much deeper than the other two shades and will only be suitable as a highlighter on medium to deeper skintones. I could definitely get away with wearing this as a highlighter in summer but at the moment I have been testing this out as a blush or blush topper. This has a soft coral base but has a very strong bright pink shift. This is very different to Aura as Aura has no base colour and almost a cool toned pastel pink shift whereas Fireball has more of a vibrant pink shift over a peachy coral base. This has the least intense shimmer of the three, but the uniqueness of the shade makes this really interesting and special.

I would highly recommend checking these out before you buy them as $42 each is pretty pricey and whether they are worth the money is entirely up to you. They aren't bad highlighters and they do last all day, but they are only worth the price tag if they are highlighters that you will reach for often and if they aren't like anything else you have in your collection.

Have you tried these? What did you think?


  1. I really need Sin in my life! It is so pretty!

  2. These are so stunning, I love the shade variance!



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