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Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette

May 25, 2016


I have been wanting to try a brush cleaning mitt/glove/palette/tool for such a long time now (along with the majority of people, I HATE cleaning my brushes). When I was asked to review the new Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette, I had to try it! The Brush Cleansing Gel was also released at the same time as this palette.

You can buy Real Techniques products in Priceline in Australia, but I am not sure if they have been released in stores just yet. The mitt retails on the Australian Real Techniques online store for AU$34.95 (and the cleansing gel is AU$17.99) BUT like all Real Techniques products you can buy these significantly cheaper from international stores like iHerb where the mitt retails for AU$20.99 and the gel is AU$12.59. I am not here to tell you where to buy your products, but I am here to give you all the information and options.


Onto the product! This comes in a see though plastic packaging, which is very similar to the Real Techniques brushes. This also comes with two samples of the brush cleansing gel... and to be 100% honest with you, I used one of these sachets and I was very unimpressed. I used it on a blush brush that I had only used once and it didn't even remove the tinge of pink that was on the brush.


The mitt itself is pretty cool. It is a pearlised pink design which you comfortably slip over your hand. This is made from performance-grade silicon so it feels like a flexible rubber that is easy to clean. You can also see that it has three different textures on the palette which is designed to give your brushes a deeper clean. I am actually not sure which texture is supposed to work best for each brush, but I gather the smaller brushes go with the smaller texture and the bigger brushes with the bigger texture... and maybe the super dirty foundation brushes are to be used on the more dense cross shapes? I honestly just rub my brush over the whole thing just in case.

The Real Techniques site claims that this improves brush cleaning by 55% and I think that's probably pretty accurate. It helps, but it doesn't make a world of difference. The best thing about this is that it protects your hands. I normally rub the wet soapy brush on the palm of my hand when washing my brushes and it often leaves my hand feeling quite sore (after washing dozens of brushes) and this definitely prevents that. I did find myself taking this off my hand and placing in it in the sink because I felt like I still needed both hands to thoroughly rinse the soap and makeup from the brushes. I would love to see a mat version of this that can be easily placed in the sink (I believe Sigma has a similar product).

So overall this isn't a bad product. I will continue to use it to wash my brushes but I won't be jumping up and down with joy saying that it has made my brush cleaning experience 100x easier or better... 1.55x better and easier is what it claims, and I completely agree with it. If you have a lot of brushes to clean and find that cleaning your brushes can hurt your hand then it is worth getting. I would recommend getting it cheaper on iHerb though and I would skip on the cleansing gel.

Note: this was sent to me as a press sample. My review is 100% my own opinion


  1. Urgh, cleaning brushes is SO tedious - I've heard there is a $5 Kmart silicon pot holder or something that is apparently the best thing. I need to get on that! I feel like I probably need both hands free as well.

  2. I've got a Sigma cleaning glove & thanks to that I enjoy cleaning my brushes now. Hated cleaning brushes before because, like you, my hands would get sore & very dry from having to use my palm to clean them. I would suggest to anyone looking into getting a cleaning glove like Sigma's to look for a cheaper alternative first. I don't know if mine was really worth $39US tbh, even though it is great.


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