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Rae Morris Makeup Masterclass

May 9, 2016

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I was lucky enough to attend the book launch for Rae Morris' newest book Makeup Masterclass in Melbourne.

It was a fantastic day where we were shown around the National Academy of Beauty, where Rae is the Creative Ambassador and will be running Pro Makeup Series workshops throughout 2016. We shown makeup and beauty therapy demonstrations and we were given our very own masterclass by Rae where she talked about her new book and showed us how to create the perfect uplifted eye makeup.

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The whole day was very inspiring. Rae is a wonderfully lovely and friendly person and she explains makeup in a really clear and easy to follow way. She also provides industry tips and stories from her amazing career that are invaluable to anyone wanting to get into the industry. I honestly could have sat there for hours and hours listening to all of Rae's tips and stories.

The facilities at The National Academy of Beauty are beautiful and are located in the heart of Melbourne with some breathtaking views of the city. I am very tempted to sign up for a makeup course!

If you are interested in attending a makeup workshop with Rae the details are at the National Academy of Beauty website and there are one day courses or a five day course.


If you are unable to attend one of her workshops no need to worry, her years of knowledge are written down in her latest book Makeup Masterclass. This is the makeup bible for anyone who is learning how to do makeup professionally or if you just want to find out the best techniques to perfect your own makeup. This is a phenomenal book and is truly inspiring. This would also be the perfect present for someone who loves makeup.

You can also get the book as an iPad app where you get the full book with videos of Rae demonstrating some of the techniques shown in the book.

I highly recommend attending one of the sessions if you have the opportunity and checking out Rae's book. It is an amazing experience for any beauty lover.

Check out my vlog from the day here.


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