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NEW Natural Instinct Natural Sunscreens

April 28, 2016


I am hitting the big 3-0 next month and one anti-aging tip that I give everyone is to wear sunscreen on a daily basis! Even though the weather is starting to cool down, that's no reason to stop wearing sunscreen!

One new sunscreen range that I have been testing out over the last few weeks has been the Natural Instinct Natural Sunscreens. I was interested in trying this range because I really love their conditioners (I highly recommend!). There are three sunscreens in the new range - Invisible Natural Sunscreen SPF30, Tinted Face Natural Sunscreen SPF30 and Kids Natural Sunscreen SPF30.

These are natural physical sunscreens which are free from synthetic UV filters. A physical sunscreen reflect UVA and UVB rays (almost like a mirror) instead of chemical sunscreens that absorb the UV rays. The benefit of physical sunscreens is that they don't contain some of the chemical UV filters that can cause skin sensitivity and skin damage. The Natural Instinct sunscreens contain Zinc Oxide which provides full sun protection without irritating the skin. They are also fragrance free so they are perfect for sensitive skin.


I first tried the Tinted Face Natural Sunscreen SPF30 which can be used as both a sun screen and a tinted moisturiser as it contains Rosehip Oil, Green Tea and Vitamin E. This is also three hours water resistant and retails for $11.95 (50g), $17.95 (100g). Now there are a few things to note about this sunscreen:

1) When it says it's tinted, it is tinted! This doesn't have just a slight tint to hide the white cast (like other sunscreens I have tried), this can definitely double as a light coverage foundation. The only downside to the coverage is that the colour is quite deep and, even though I quite like the bronze glow it gives the skin, this won't suit people with fair skin.

2) This also contains natural oils which help moisturise the skin, but it does mean that the sunscreen is quite thick and almost has a balmy consistency when you first apply it. This would be a great for people who have drier skin, but just be weary of it if you have oily skin and prefer a lighter sunscreen/moisturiser. I can report that I have oilier skin and I found that this lasted well on me and didn't break me out, but it is heavier than what I usually go for. Also, even though it is fragrance free, the oils do give it an almost sweet oily scent.


I then tried the Invisible  Natural  Sunscreen  SPF30 which is a face and body sunscreen with an invisible finish. This sunscreen is enriched with Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter so it also has the same thick moisturising properties as the tinted version and it is three hours water resistant and retails for $15.95 (100g) and $21.95 (200g).

I found that the invisible one worked just as well as the tinted formula and, even though it looks quite white in the swatch above, it does apply quite invisible on the skin. This would be a better option for people who have fairer skin or don't want that bronze tint that the Tinted Face Natural Sunscreen SPF30 gives.

Overall I think these are great natural physical sunscreens that are very affordable. I recommend them mainly to people who have dry to normal skin as they are quite thick in texture due to the natural oils added.

Check out more information about the Natural Instinct range at the Natural Instinct website. You can pick these up at Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Woolworths and other selected stores (check out the website for all the stockist information).



Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are 100% honest and are based on my own personal experiences


  1. These are definitely something I need to try! Living in Australia means that I wear sunscreen more than the average person, and facial ones just tend to not be great... so maybe a natural formula is what I need. x

    1. Natural formulas are better for your skin, but just be aware that they aren't great for flash photography because they reflect light :)

  2. I have to admit I don't really use sunscreen as often as I should, how do you feel it went under makeup?

    1. I wear sunscreen under my makeup every day! I think this sits under makeup well, but it is a thicker sunscreen so it would work best for people with drier skin :)


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