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March 2016 Beauty Favourites

April 6, 2016


Another month over and another pile of awesome beauty products to talk about. This has been a pretty eventful month with Salon Melbourne (see my haul here), a few exciting releases... and just general shopping!

Let's start with some random beauty products before we get onto the makeup. My hair saviour this month (you can hear me complain about my hair in more detail in my March Favourites and Fails video) was the Lush BIG Sea Salt Shampoo. Now I featured this shampoo in a favourites last year, but I finished it up and had to make a special trip to Lush when I tried a fail of a hair product that left a lot of horrible residue in my hair (even after three follow up shampoos). The BIG shampoo not only clarifies your hair, but it also leaves it really volumised and soft. I follow up the shampoo with my favourite conditioner of the month which is the HASK Argan Oil Repairing Conditioner. This is a standard conditioner that smells like vitamin c tablets (which is a good thing) and leaves my hair really soft without being weighed down. I bought mine from Priceline.

When I went to Lush I also traded in some old tubs for a fresh face mask. Normally I don't really love the Lush fresh face masks but the Lush Don't Look At Me Fresh Face Mask has converted me! Not only is this bright turquoise (tick), it contains lemon juice which is fresh and clarifying (tick) but it also contains ground up rice which acts as an exfoliator when you remove it (huge tick). This is a great mask if you want a great exfoliating effect and want to look fabulous doing it!

I bought a bunch of products from Salon Melbourne and the two that made the cut this month were the metal makeup palette and OPI No Room For The Blues nail polish. The metal palette (no idea what brand sorry) has been really handy as I mix foundations on a daily basis and this is a cleaner, quicker, less wasteful and more hygienic way to mix products compared to the back of my hand. The OPI polish is by far my most worn polish of the month and I am obsessed! It is the perfect bright blue and I get people asking me all the time what nail polish I am wearing. As a blue nail polish lover, this is a must!


Makeup time! This has been a big month for makeup, I have been trying a lot of things and discovering some holy grail products!

Let's start with the base. I get a quite oily t-zone and it's a constant struggle trying to stop my makeup breaking down throughout the day. I was given the Becca Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector by the always sassy and wonderful Hailey from Just Buy The Makeup and I am loving it! It is a weird product at first because it is very thick and it starts to set quickly and almost feel like glue when you apply it BUT it does fantastic things at preventing oil break through and makeup break down. I squeeze out a small amount, warm it between my fingers and apply it just to my t-zone and it has been a life changer when I need my makeup to last all day at work and into the evening. Highly recommend for anyone with oily skin - BUT this is not the type of primer that you will need to apply to your whole face, definitely concentrate it on the oily areas.

OMG OMG OMG! This month I have discovered two holy grail highlighters (yes, two!). The first is my all time favourite drugstore highlighter which is the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip Nude Palette for Face and Eyes in Warm Nudes. I won't harp on too much about this since I did a full blog review and demonstration video, but this is a palette that is made up of 12 eye shadow/face powders and because they are pigmented enough for an eye shadow, they are also amazingly shimmery and beautiful as a highlighter. Depending on which part of the palette you dip your brush in you can mimic most higher end highlighter shades. This would be perfect for anyone who isn't sure what shade of highlighter suits them the best.
PS Priceline are having 40% off today and tomorrow on cosmetics so pick this up on sale!

I also discovered a few Benefit Cosmetics products that I had never tried before when I was doing the one brand tutorial and the product that stood out to me as being not only the best cream highlighter I have ever tried but also the best Benefit product I have ever tried is the Benefit Cosmetics Watt's Up Cream Highlighter. What can I say about this highlighter? It is perfection in a tube. It is a beautiful quite universal champagne shade, it applies beautifully on bare skin and on top of makeup, it doesn't leave my skin feeling tacky, it gives a bold yet natural glow to the skin... it's just everything I want in a highlighter and more!

Another Benefit product worthy of my favourites this month is the Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer (yes, I am very late to the party and have only used this recently). This is a cult product and I knew I would love it, I just never got around to trying it. This is a very easy to wear bronzer/contour product that applies smoothly and evenly, can be built up or applied lightly, and it has a prefer matte not too warm/not too cool bronze shade that would suit people with fair to tanned skin. This reminds me of a matte version of NARS Laguna Bronzer, and if you love that shade, you will love this too! This is a great contour product for people who are starting out with contouring because it blends beautifully and is very easy to work with.
Benefit one brand tutorial
Benefit one brand blog post

The last favourite is my lipstick of the month (which has appeared in many videos on my channel) it is the limited edition MAC Zac Posen lipstick in Darling Clementine which is a bright vibrant orange red (similar to Lady Danger but more orange than red) and it has a matte finish. I find the matte formula not as good as others in the MAC range, but the colour is to die for. This is limited edition but I would love to see it become permanent in the very near future.

PicMonkey Photo
MAC Darling Clementine, Physicians Formula (swatch of the lightest corner), Benefit Watt's Up and Hoola Bronzer
I think I struck gold this month with some amazing makeup finds that have not only worked their way into my every day makeup, but also made it to holy grail status.

What was your favourite product of March?


  1. Oo that MAC lipstick shade is divine, so sad I missed out on that one! Hopefully they make it permanent! x

    Chantalle |

  2. Watt's Up is in my top three highlighters for sure- it's gorgeous stuff! And Darling Clementine really is a perfect orange lipstick :)


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