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Drugstore Brow Palette Showdown

April 1, 2016

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Brow palettes used to be a product exclusive to higher end and more exclusive makeup brands, but these days they have hit the drugstore in a big way. Three very affordable brow palettes are the Maybelline Master Brow Pro Palette ($18.95), the L'Oreal Paris Brow Genius Kit ($24.95) and the Rimmel Brow This Way Brow Sculpting Kit ($12.95). All of these palettes contain a tinted brow wax, a brow powder and tools and I am going to break down the pros and cons of each palette and let you know which is my favourite.

Pros: The Maybelline brow is the most recent release of the three and contains a tinted brow wax, a brow powder and a highlighting powder. This comes with a mini double ended angled brush and a lot of space for other brushes or mini tweezers (what's the deal Maybelline?). The shades of the wax and powder are nicely cool toned (which makes brows look a lot more natural than warmer shades) and they match my medium brown brow colour really well. The wax and the powder are both similar colours so they work well together. The brow wax is quite soft and has a nice tint to it but isn't overly pigmented, which is what I like from a brow wax as it gives you the freedom of using it to tame your brows quite naturally or you can layer the powder on the top for a bolder look. The brow powder is quite pigmented and soft in texture. This also has a highlight powder which is a soft pink with a satin finish and can be used to outline the brows to make them more crisp.

Cons: Sorry blondes, read heads, and people with black or grey hair this only comes in two shades - Soft Brown and Deep Brown (I have Soft Brown). The double ended angle brush is not the most usable tool and there is plenty of unused packaging space for a spooley or tweezers. This also doesn't have a mirror so you can't do your brows on the go with this palette. The last possible negative is that the brow highlight shade won't suit a lot of skin tones and even though I appreciate that it has been included (which makes the palette a little more unique), I actually rarely use it.

Pros: The L'Oreal brow palette is the most expensive of the three, but if you like convenient packaging then it is well worth the extra money. This comes in a small, sleek, sturdy compact that has a mirror that takes up the whole space inside the lid, a double ended brush/spooley and mini tweezers. This is the perfect palette if you want to touch up your brows on the go. The colour of the wax and powder are perfection and is the coolest toned of the three palettes. The texture of the brow powder and wax are also firmer than the Maybelline or Rimmel products so it does take more layering to get bolder brows, but it also means it's more versatile because you can get a natural look or a built up finish. The firmer wax also means it is less likely to slip and slide throughout the day. The pans appear to be bigger in this palette compared to the other two so you might be getting more product.

Cons: Once again, this only comes in two shades - Light to Medium and Medium to Deep (I have Light Medium). This is the most expensive of the three. The firm texture may be annoying to some people if you like bolder brows.

Pros: This the cheapest of the three and it is also the smallest and lightest packaging. This also comes with a double ended angled brush and a spooley.

Cons: This also only comes in two shades - 002 Medium Brown and 003 Dark Brown (I have Medium Brown). For a mid brown shade this is actually a very dark brow product, and it is also a lot warmer than the other two palettes and looks a lot more unnatural and red toned. The pigmentation is good, but the product applies quite bold and the tinted wax is quite soft and can smudge easily. The packaging is very minimal and doesn't contain any mirror.

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Overall I like the L'Oreal Brow Genius Kit the most and think it's definitely worth the extra money. This has better packaging and the product looks natural, the colour is perfect, and the firmness of the product means it lasts on the brows better than the other two palettes. The runner up is the Maybelline Master Brow Pro Palette which I also really like using but the absence of a mirror, a spooley and other tools made it less useful than the L'Oreal brow palette, I also personally won't be using the highlighting powder very often.

You can buy all of these palettes at Priceline, and heads up - Priceline will be having their 40% off all makeup products mid next week! A perfect time to pick up a new brow palette!


Note: some of these products were sent to me as a press sample. My review is based 100% on my own opinion


  1. Great palettes and shades!
    Thank you for this lovely review!

  2. My favourite is the the L'Oreal one! I actually loooove it when I'm in a rush, it's just so easy and the pigmentation is pretty damn good I think! But yeah definitely think they can step it up with a few more shades! Think that would deeeefinitely be more of a hit x

    Katina | www.katinalindaa.com


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