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Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Blush Palette - review & swatches

March 15, 2016


A couple of weeks ago the second instalment of the Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani collaboration hit Australian shores. The first release was the eye shadow palette (see my full review here) and the second release contained lip liners, lipsticks, a brow box and a blush palette. These are all limited edition released and you can find them in store at Mecca Maxima or on the Mecca website.

This review is of the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Blush Palette which retails in Australia for $82 ($45 in the US) and contains 16.8g of product. Even though this has 6 shades in the palette, it is roughly the equivalent to the amount of 2 and a half single Urban Decay blushes (which retail in Australia for $42 each) so the value is pretty good but you aren't getting a phenomenal deal where you get amount of six single blushes in this palette. I would mainly recommend checking out this palette if you like having blushes in a palette form (or you like the packaging), if you like the limited edition shades, or if you like Gwen Stefani... otherwise it's a decent value for money, but it's not good enough value for me to tell everyone to run out and spend $82 on it.


The box that this comes in has a black and reflective gold line pattern with red and white polka dots on the inside. It also has photos of the pans and the shade names on the back. This looks very similar to the box of the eye shadow palette, except the eye shadow palette box design was gold and white.

I do want to quickly mention that as a blogger one of my pet peeves is reflective packaging. It is so hard to photograph as it makes everything else darker. So if these photos aren't very bright, that's why.


The actual packaging of the palette is white plastic with gold detailing. This is a very similar design as the eye shadow palette which instead is mainly gold with white and black detailing. I love that these look the same but have different colours, they make for great collectors items and they are easy to tell the difference between without having to open them up.


Inside the palette there is a large mirror with the phrase "magic's in the makeup" printed in the corner. Just like the eye shadow palette, the blush pans are set in shiny black plastic and the shade names are printed above each pan in bright pink lettering.


Cherry - soft blue toned pink blush with a satin finish
Easy - deep rose blush with gold glitter
Angel - champagne nude shimmery highlight
Lo Fi - light warm toned matte bronzer
Hush - very shimmery peachy pink blush/deep highlighter
OC - very unique orange blush with a duo-chrome pink flash.

Overall I quite like this palette, but I can understand why it won't be for everyone. The shades are all very pigmented but some shades are soft in colour, so some people may perceive this as being badly pigmented but it just means that it will suit people with lighter skin tones and may not show up on medium or deeper skin tones. The formula also tends to be a bit powdery which means that if you aren't careful you can kick up a lot of powder in the pan. When it comes to blushes, I prefer a powdery formula over a firm formula because it means it blends nicer on the skin and applies more evenly and lightly.

This palette does contain a wide range of blush finishes from a highly a shimmery blush, a duo-chrome blush, a satin finish blush and a blush with glitter in it. I personally would have loved to see the matte bronzer switched out for a nude matte blush just to ground this palette a little since it is overall very pink and shimmery. I did find the bronzer surprisingly wearable as both a bronzer and a contour (I originally thought it looked too orange in the pan) and it would suit light skin toned people who want to warm up their complexion (it is way too light for medium to deep skin tones). My only reason why I would prefer this not to be in the palette is because if you used this palette on a daily basis you would use up the bronzer in a couple of months (you use bronzer on more areas of the face and because it's soft in both colour and texture so you may need to use a heavy hand) and the idea of having a limited edition blush palette with one shade completely used up when the other shades are barely used just drives me insane! I would prefer to have seen a nude matte blush in it's place and the bronzer be sold as an individual item.

So I guess what I am saying is that I like this palette, but I will only recommend it to people who love the look of the shades and have fair to light-medium skin tones. If you have medium or darker skin tones then most of these shades will barely show up on you.

If you do have fairer skin and you do like the look of this palette, I recommend getting this palette for one reason and one reason alone... the shade OC is magical witchcraft!


I encourage anyone considering getting this palette to go swatch the shade OC in store because the amazingness of this shade can't be captured on camera. It has a very yellow toned orange base but has the most amazing pink shimmer which gives it a duo-chrome effect. The awesome thing about this blush is that it gives the cheeks a peachy orange flush but when the light hits your face it looks pink. I love the look of pink highlighters and this is a blush and highlighter product in one. I have not come across any blush like this, but I want to see more! This is a limited edition shade so if you are a blush lover then do yourself a favour and swatch this shade just for the wow factor!

So that's it! This palette isn't amazing value - but it's decent value, the shades are lovely - but aren't very universal. If this peaks your interest I do suggest checking out it, but it won't be everyone's cup of tea.

What are your thoughts on this palette?


  1. Wow, what an amazing review Kat! I own this palette and definitely agree that the shades can be powdery but they blend out really well. My favourite shade is definitely OC! It's so nice. I don't regret buying this but it does seem pretty steep compared to similar blush palettes so I can see why some people aren't running out to buy it. I wanted to complete the collection because I had the eye shadow palette too. Excellent review xx

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

  2. This palette is absolutely gorgeous but one I can definitely skip! The two pink shimmery blushes would get minimal use from me. I have swatched OC and it definitely is gorgeous! I love the duochrome finish.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. I actually really love the blushes...i'm considering getting them now :P

    This Damsel Loves Blog


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