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Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette - review & swatches

March 21, 2016


This review has been hanging over my head for a few weeks now. Usually I get really excited to review new palettes, but after a few days wearing this palette my excitement died down very quickly. I am a fan of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar eye shadow palettes and had heard numerous YouTubers and bloggers say that this new addition to the range is the best one yet... spoiler alert - it's not!

This is the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette which is the third in the range and all of the chocolate bar palettes are permanent releases. The chocolate bar palettes are available in Australia from Mecca Maxima stores or the Mecca website. This retails for $78 and contains a total of 18.8g of product (14 small eye shadows containing 1g each and two larger eye shadows containing 2.2g each). These eye shadows also contain cocoa so they have a soft chocolate scent (and taste - don't ask!).


The packaging is very similar to the previous palettes. It has a thin metal tin packaging with a magnetic closure. The previous palettes were brown and looked like chocolate bars, but this one is coloured pink with a heart design (see comparisons later in the post). The inside of the palette also has an ok sized mirror and the names of each shade printed in gold below the pan.


The Bon Bons palette also comes with a How-To Glamour Guide which gives three suggestions on looks that you can create with the palette.


Before I go into more depth about the shades and what I think of the palette overall, I thought it is worth while comparing it to the Chocolate Bar and the Semi Sweet palettes. You can see that all palettes have 14 smaller shades and 2 larger highlight shades (the amount of product that each palette contains does vary from palette to palette). The main difference between the pans is that the Chocolate Bar and the Semi Sweet have rectangular pans but the Semi Sweet has heart shaped pans for the smaller shades.

When it comes to the shades in each palette there aren't any overlapping shades and there aren't too many that are so similar that it makes getting all palettes pointless. Sure, there are some shades that look similar but I was surprised at how different the shades in each palette actually are.

The Chocolate Bar palette (the first palette released) is quite a neutral palette in the sense that it doesn't lean too warm or too cool - it has a mix of very wearable basic shades and some pops of more interesting colour like a violet purple, a matte pink and a few burgundy shades.

The Semi Sweet palette is the warmest of the three palettes with burnt oranges and warm golds and probably contains some of the most basic shades of the three palettes - eg the typical matte black and basic browns. This also has a pop of colour which is a blue shade.

The Bon Bons palette is the most cool toned and colourful of the three. This has a lot of matte taupe grey shades, a shimmer silver taupe and has the most colours with a few pink shades, one grape purple shade and a deep teal.

If you have the other palettes and were wondering whether getting the Bon Bons palette will double up on too many shades - it won't. If you don't have any and were wondering which one of the three to get then it's best to look at the overall colours of the palette - do you prefer a more neutral eye shadow look (Chocolate Bar), a warmer look (Semi Sweet), or a cooler/pink toned eye look (Bon Bons)? I do still think that the original Chocolate Bar palette has the best formula because all the shades are consistently good quality, whereas the Semi Sweet and the Bon Bons have a lot of nice performing shades but there are a few duds. It is also worth noting that the original Chocolate Bar contains the most amount of product. Also the cocoa scent in the Bon Bons palette isn't as strong in the first two palettes.

Onto the shades in the Bon Bons palette...

left to right: Almond Truffle, Satin Sheets, Sprinkles, Molasses Chip, Malted
left to right: Cashew Chew, Cotton Candy, Cafe Au Lait, Bordeaux, Mocha, Blackcurrant
left to right: Dark Truffle, Pecan Praline, Totally Fetch, Earl Grey, Divinity

All of the swatches above are one swipe of each shade without any primer underneath.

Top row:
Almond Truffle is one of my favourite shades in the palette. It is a rosy taupe matte and it reminds me of the shade Mauve in the Lorac Pro Palette. This is a great crease colour and I would have loved to see more variations of this type of shade in this palette (eg a shimmery version). This is a great way to introduce soft pinks into an eye look without needing to go over the top with unwearable bright pinks.
Satin Sheets is not a Bon Bons exclusive shade and has popped up in many of Too Faced's palettes. This is a highly pigmented and shimmery light pink highligh shade with a soft gold sheen to it.
Sprinkles is another shimmery pink shade (and not the last in the palette). This isn't as metallic and as light as Satin Sheets but is a soft pink with a gold shimmer.
Molasses Chip is one of the most wearable shades in the palette. It is a very shimmery metallic warm gold bronze. This looks more bronze in the pan but applies almost like a deep rose gold on the eyes. This has really great pigmentation and is one of the best performing shades in the palette.
Malted is a dark chocolate brown matte shade with specks of gold glitter. This shade doesn't perform very well and is less pigmented and much more patchy than the other shades from this row. This is also similar to other shades in the previous palette (which had a better formulas).

Middle row:
Cashew Chew is an interesting shade. This is a soft pinky nude with an almost cool undertone to it. This looks matte in the pan but actually has more of a satin finish with a slight silver sheen. This does apply nice and evenly but it is a very softly coloured shade which can give it the impression that it's not very pigmented.
Cotton Candy is a shimmery blue toned pink with almost a blue/silver sheen to it. Even though this shade is nicely pigmented, it's not a colour that will be flattering on most people... it's a very childish eye shadow colour.
Cafe Au Lait is a lovely shade. This is very nicely pigmented and is a taupe with a silvery metallic finish.
Bordeaux is a deep burnt red brown matte shade that is quite a unique and beautiful. The pigmentation could be a bit better but it blends nicely and you can easily build it up.
Mocha is a typical mid toned warm matte brown that works well as a crease colour, sadly the pigmentation and blendability with this shade is pretty poor.
Blackcurrant is a berry purple shade with a lot of purple and gold glitter. This is nicely pigmented but when blended out the glitter doesn't translate very well on the eye.

Bottom row:
Dark Truffle is a nicely pigmented deep warm chocolate brown shimmer shade.
Pecan Praline is a matte nude grey that has very poor pigmentation.
Totally Fetch is another shade that is taken from an existing Too Faced palette and I must admit that I hate this shade. It is a bright shimmery pink and it isn't even very pigmented. I can't see 99% of people using this shade and it is a waste of a eye shadow pan.
Early Grey is a deep teal shimmery shade with silver shimmer. This could be an amazing shade if it really packed a punch with the pigmentation but it's a little eh. This shade could create a nice smokey teal eye.
Divinity is a really lovely off white matte shade that has a slight shimmer to it. This a very versatile shade and it is very nicely pigmented and blendable.

PicMonkey Collagetoo facec

Overall you can see that the shades are a bit of a mixed bag, both in the quality of the shades and the colours of shades. The thing I hate the most about this palette is that it contains so many unwearable and unflattering pink shades. Sure, the Urban Decay Naked 3 is a pink themed palette but it uses rosy taupes and rose golds to make pink toned shades very wearable and flattering - there's no bright Barbie pinks in sight. I have no idea what Too Faced were doing when they picked the shades they for the Bon Bons palette.

I also really like using a mid toned bronze/gold/taupe all over my eye as the primary eye shadow colour and I challenged myself to use this palette without using Molasses Chip and it was a complete and utter struggle. This palette has some nice mattes, crease colours and highlight shades but it is really lacking wearable all over the lid shades - there is a bronze (beautiful), a few bright pinks (yuck), a deep teal (not every day wearable) and a shimmery purple (eh). I would have loved to see all the bright pinks changed to shimmery rosy taupes and cool toned taupes to fit in with the cool shadow theme but make it a lot more wearable.

I don't mind this palette as an accompanying palette, but I hate it as a stand alone palette. To be honest the only reason I haven't returned this palette is because I wanted to complete the collection. I don't recommend this palette unless you like bright pink eye shadows paired with greige matte crease colours (or unless you are a collector like me!).


  1. I wasn't too enthused by this palette when I first saw photos, but everyone's rave reviews got me curious! I don't tend towards bright pink shadows or grey shades so I'll definitely be giving this one a miss. I do love the look of that first row though! I'm saving myself for the Sweet Peach palette - that one must be mine!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. I was recently in Sydney (so HAD to visit Mecca Maxima obvs) and was tossing up between these three palettes. The Bon Bons was the one I eliminated immediately. So happy I ended up choosing the original Chocolate Bar one :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  3. OMG this palette is beautiful! I think it would be worth getting just for the Molasses Chip shade. I will definitely need to check it out next time I'm in Mecca :)

    Emma | Rosy Disposition

  4. Almond Truffle is such a beautiful shade! Such a shame to hear you're not in love with the palette. I feel like most Too Faced chocolate palettes have been a mixed bag, with inconsistencies in the performance of the shadows included. It'll be interesting to see how the Peach palette goes.

    Daniela |

  5. Oh wow, I just received the Peanut Butter and Jelly pallet, but kinda wishing I got this on instead now. There are some amazing cool toned shadows in there, right up my ally. I guess the good news is it's permanent so there's always time to get it hey!? :)


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