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Salon Melbourne 2016 Haul

March 7, 2016


Over the weekend I went to my third Salon Melbourne... and when there is a salon Melbourne trip there's a haul! Salon Melbourne is over for 2016 but if you wanted more information then check out the Salon Melbourne website.

This is more of a list of the products that I bought, but if you want to see any reviews on any of these products, just leave a comment below with what you want reviewed!

I bought 10 pairs of lashes from Model Rock, I believe they were down to $3.50 a pair but 10 for $30. I picked three different types because they didn't have my holy grail #241 lashes. I bought some #527, #DW - Style 3 and #292 (I have since ordered more from the website because I found some on sale that were very similar to the #241 style). I also bought a Model Rock Lash Glue (my Duo is getting a little funky and smelly) and a metal makeup palette ($7.50) which will be a cleaner way to mix foundations (I used this today and LOVE it!).

I also bought five brushes from Crown Brushes and a silicon angle liner brush. Each brush cost $7 or $8 but not all of them have the names written on the brushes.

I bought three OPI polishes because there was a deal where you could buy 6 for $50 - I went halves with Hailey from Just Buy The Makeup. The two pictured are No Room For The Blues and Crawfishin For a Compliment. I also ordered a glitter peel off base coat that will be sent out to me free of charge.


Onto the fun things!

I went to Media Makeup and bought the Make Up For Ever Step 1 Mattifying Primer (around $45, normally $55) and six Make Up For Ever eyeshadows for around $18.50 each (normally $24 each). I bought 6 shades to fill the palette that I started last year. The six new shades that I bought were I-634, ME-612, D-868, D-652, M-536 and M-738.

From left to right in the palette:
Top row: M-534 Oat, M-726 Sienna, D-708 Pinky Copper, M-738 Auburn
Middle row: D-868 Crystalline Pink, M-536 Milk Tea, ME-612 Silver Brown, M-546 Dark Purple Taupe
Bottom row: I-634 Praline, D-652 Celestial Earth, I-544 Pink Granite, I-606 Pinky Earth

Then I went to Scotty's Makeup to pick up Dose Of Colors Liquid Matte Lipsticks in Praline and Bare With Me. Each was $24, down from $29.

My last splurge with at Inglot where there was around 30% off. I bought three Pure Pigment Eye Shadows (normally $32, down to $22) in shades 22, 86 and 113 which are all sparkly and duochrome. Then I bought 4 Eyeliner Gels (yes, my liner preference is gel) and these were $20 each down from $28. I bought 77 (black), 75 (deep purple), 67 (electric blue) 66 (deep teal).

So those are all the goodies I bought from Salon Melbourne. If you went then let me know what you picked up! You can also see me chat about each product in my haul video. Otherwise, do definitely let me know if you want to see any specific reviews about any of these products!

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  1. So much makeup porn!!! I really really want that MUFE primer to try and it's definitely on my wishlist. The palette you created is also stunning and I am still drooling over the shades! I really want to try the inglot gel eyeliner in 77. Everyone tells me it's the best one! Neeeeeed. Great post! So jealous of all your purchases! My favourite model rock lashes are #411 and #210 xx

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats


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