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Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips and Bronze Booster review and swatches

March 28, 2016


Today we are talking about a couple of products from Physicians Formula and I have read many reviews about the Physicians Formula range but I honesty haven't tried too many of their products. I was sent the Physicians Formula Bronze Booster in Light to Medium and Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips All-In-1 Custom Nude Palette for Face in Warm Nude to test and spoiler alert - I love the Shimmer Strips so much that I also bought the Natural Nude version and they have seriously become my favourite drugstore highlighters ever! (I know, big claim).


Let's start with some basics. You can buy Physicians Formula in store in Australia from Priceline or you can order them online at or The Bronze Booster Glow-Booster Pressed Bronzer in Light to Medium retails in Australia for $29.95 for 9g of product and the Shimmer Strips All-In-1 Custom Nude Palette For Face And Eyes which retails for $24.95 for 7.5g.


I quite like the packaging of the bronzer. It has a bronze metallic and orange translucent plastic design and the compact has a clip closure, a mirror in the lid and a brush under the pan. The Shimmer Strip packaging in comparison looks a lot bulkier and is a cardboard box that has a very girly boudoir/lingerie feel to it that isn't my style at all. The Shimmer Strips has a clear flimsy plastic window in the lid and the lid holds close with a magnet. There is a flap at the bottom which opens to show a mirror, more information about how to apply the product and a brush and foam eyeshadow applicator. This all seems a little clunky and has a tacky design. The Shimmer Strips would have benefitted from having packaging more like the bronzer.

Onto the formula...


Let's start by talking about the bronzer. This is a matte bronzer that doesn't have any added fragrance. It is a lovely bronzer to apply with a soft fluffy brush to warm up the face, but since this is matte you could also use it as a soft contour. I say soft contour because if you build it up too much it can look a little orange and patchy, but lightly it looks really lovely. Since this is a light-medium bronzer it would work for people who have fair to medium skin tones and would be too light for deeper or tanned skin tones. I have definitely been reaching for this as my daily bronzer because with a fluffy brush it does apply quickly, evenly and adds a nice amount of colour and depth to the face. You can see a swatch later in the post.


Onto my new love... the Shimmer Strips (and yes I have shortened the ridiculously long name). This is designed to be an eyeshadow palette, a highlighter, a blush and a bronzer in one. The guide says that the top layer can be used as a highlighter or a highlighting eyeshadow, the second row can be a blush or a all over the lid eyeshadow, the third row can be a defining eyeshadow or a bronzer and the fourth row can be a liner or a bronzer.

PicMonkey Photo

Above is a swatch of what the all of the Shimmer Strips palette looks like mixed together (in case thats how you wanted to apply it). You can see that it makes a really pretty almost nude beige shimmery highlight that reminds me a little of MAC Soft and Gentle. You can also see that the bronzer applies quite nicely on the skin, it applies evenly, is matte and adds some depth and warmth.

PicMonkey Photo

Above is a photo of all of the Shimmer Strips shades individually swatches. I have a lot of thoughts on the Shimmer Strips palette and I will try to make this as quick as possible.

Firstly, I love it as a highlighter! I think it makes for an amazing highlighter and you can get a variety of different shades from it. You can mimic most higher end highlighter shades - shimmery white, champagne, pinky coral, gold, bronze etc etc. As this is also designed to be used as eyeshadows, it means that the highlighter much more intense than any other drugstore highlighter I have used and it definitely rivals the formula of higher end highlighters. This would be the perfect product for anyone who was starting out with highlighting because you can really test out what shades suit you the most before committing to one shade of highlighter. The versatility also means you can use it with most makeup looks and all year round.

Secondly, this works quite well as a bronzer/contour product when applied with a light hand. Since this is very shimmery and warm you need to be careful using it as a contour, but it does work. It also works well as eyeshadows as the shades are quite pigmented and smooth to apply, but I think the bottom two rows do all look very similar when applied on the eyes. The one thing I don't think this works as is a blush as the pink isn't prominent enough.

Lastly, even though this does work phenomenally as a highlighter and it is pretty decent as a bronzer/eyeshadow palette, I really think the suggested way to use this palette is wrong. The squares are fine to use with an eyeshadow brush, but the rows are too thin to use with a blush, highlighter or bronzer brush. For this reason the theory of row 1 for highlighter, row 2 for blush and rows 3 and 4 for bronzer just doesn't work. The best way that I find to use the product is to pick it up on your brush in groups of 4 squares.

Overall I really think the Shimmer Strips is an outstanding highlighter (and would be even more amazing if they changed the packaging) and the bronzer is a decent matte bronzer. On both accounts I suggest picking them up on sale as they are in the higher price bracket for drugstore products. Hint hint - Priceline should be having their 40% off makeup sale in the second week of April so if you were thinking of picking these up then thats a great opportunity.


Special thanks to my assistant for keeping me company and repositioning the products when he was in a playful mood.

Note: some of these products were sent to me as a press sample. My review is based 100% on my own opinion



  1. I have heard quite a few raves about the shimmer strips - they really do look stunning and absolutely gorgeous for a drugstore product! Definitely one I'll have to check out :)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. The bronzer shade looks great also the strips but I have to say I find the packages to be very bulky something I really avoid

  3. Great review Kat! I haven't tried any Physicians Formula products, but these look great, especially that highlight - I have heard great things about it! Might have to keep an eye out for the next Priceline sale. x

    Daniela |


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