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ZOEVA Nude Spectrum Palette - Review & swatches

February 22, 2016


I have fallen in love this month... no, it's not with a guy, it's with a palette!

I have heard so much hype about the quality of Zoeva palettes and brushes and when I went to purchase some from Sephora Melbourne, they were sold out. When I saw that Beauty Bay stocked Zoeva (and for cheaper than Sephora) I had to place an order. I purchased the new Zoeva Nude Spectrum Palette as well as the Cocoa Blend Palette and the Rose Golden Palette (reviews coming soon).

The Zoeva Nude Spectrum Palette is from the new line released from Zoeva that contains three eyeshadow palettes (Nude, Warm and Cool) and I believe three blush palettes.

This Spectrum range is not yet available in Australia but you can buy it from Beauty Bay which is an international site and has free shipping on orders over $30 (it took around 2 weeks to arrive). This palette cost me $48.10 (I think it might vary slightly depending on conversion rates at the time you place your order) and the other Zoeva palettes I bought cost around $27 each from Beauty Bay (they retail from Sephora Australia for $39 each). If you are happy to wait 2 weeks for your order I do encourage you to buy your Zoeva from Beauty Bay as you will be saving a lot of money.


Onto the packaging. This is a very thin black matte cardboard palette with rose gold lettering and a holographic line down the outside (which I admit is pretty damn cool). The box that this comes in has the exact same design on it. I think the packaging is really classy looking but the matte rubberised cardboard does have a tendency to look very grubby after using it a few times.


You can see that inside the palette there isn't a mirror or a brush, its just the 15 eyeshadows set into a shiny gun metal grey cardboard that once again has holographic detailing. The palette is very light weight and minimal, but I am definitely missing the mirror in the lid.

The names of each shade is printed in small letters above the pan and they go from ND010 through to ND150. It appears that this is designed to be opened more like a book and have five rows of three shades rather than opened like a traditional palette where you would see this as being three rows of five shades.


There are 15 shades and they each contain 1.5 grams of product each (same as a MAC eyeshadow), so for under $50 this palette is great value.

Even though this is the nude version of the three spectrum palettes, it is still very warm toned when it comes to the shade range. The predominant shade in this palette seems to be variations of bronze with only a couple of cooler shades (one taupe/purple matte and one taupe bronze). There five matte shades and the rest are more of a metallic finish.

Even though these are supposed to be read in rows of threes, I am going to swatch the rows in the way that the above photo is shown.

ND130, ND100, ND070, ND040, ND010
ND140, ND110, ND080, ND050, ND020
ND150, ND130, ND090, ND060, ND030
I'm not going to describe each shade, but you can see that overall the pigmentation is really nice! The shimmery shades are definitely better than the matte shades when it comes to pigmentation, but the matte shades are still bendable and buildable. Some of the shimmery shades are a little soft and can cause fall out, but it's just a side effect for having such buttery shades.

Like I said earlier, this palette does mainly contain warm shades with the overwhelming majority of shades being variations of bronzes - gold bronze, copper bronze, taupe bronze, rosy bronze etc. BUT I love bronze shades so I am obsessed with the shades in this palette. It also has some fun pops of colour (red copper, bold gold), highlight shades and deeper shades. I would have loved to see a medium warm matte crease colour and maybe a deeper shimmery shade (shimmery chocolate or plum) but overall I think the shades are fantastic and this is very close to being a perfect palette for me.

If you love bronze shades and tend to reach for them on a daily basis then I HIGHLY recommend this palette as the shades are great, the quality of the shadows are beautiful and the price point is fantastic! If this all looks too same same for you then check out the Cool Spectrum Palette or the Warm Spectrum Palette for a bit more variety in the shades.


  1. Oh wow, that palette is EVERYTHING. Thanks for the Beauty Bay tip - it's a crime that we can get free shipping cheaper from overseas on a product that is also cheaper!

  2. Oh my, these shades are absolutely GORG! Good to hear the formula is great and so affordable! I have heard raves about Zoeva palettes and I really want to try the Cocoa blend palette, and now this one! Excited to read the other reviews!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. OMG this pallet looks amazing, the shades are so pretty! Also this pallet is right up my alley I love all of these shades, think they all work best for me! Thanks for sharing a great product will have to look into it, don't know if they ship to Canada.

    Katie | http://ktmcgworld102.blogspot.ca

  4. OMG that middle row of plummy tones. This palette is incredible and really great value. I think I might have to pick it up. Great review :)

    Emma | Rosy Disposition

  5. This palette is giving me life!!! Your swatches are so nice. Thanks so much for your review. I already own and LOVE the cocoa blend eyeshadow palette and now this is definitely getting added to my wishlist. It's definitely cheap considering how much you get.

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats


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