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Priceline Haircare Gift Bag 2016

February 17, 2016

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Hey haircare lovers! I thought I would share with you the contents of the current Priceline haircare bag. This was released last week at Priceline and is available until 24 February or until stock runs out.

To be eligible to get this bag a;; you need to do is spend $40 or more on the participating haircare brands (and most of them are currently 30% off at Priceline) and you get this bag valued at over $200.

The participating brands are OGX, Crema Color, Garnier, Elvive, Kardashian Beauty, Pantine, Cedel, Batiste, Hask, Marc Anthony, Lady Jayne, Scunci, Schwarzkopf, Revlon Color Silk, John Frieda, Alchemy, Just For Men and Napro Palette.

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IMG_2860 copy

You can see everything I got in the bag above. Most of the products contained in the bag are hair treatments and there are also some great vouchers that allow you to pick up free hair dyes (which is great because you can pick your own colour).

If you were in need of some haircare then this is the time to buy some! I didn't need many haircare products so I went to Priceline with my mum and we bought a few things each and will share the bag.

Check out more details at Priceline.  

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