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1000 Hour Soft Sole Express Exfoliating Foot Peel

February 29, 2016

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Guys! I really wanted to share with you this amazing foot peel! I was send the 1000 Hour Soft Sole Express Exfoliating Foot Peel for review months ago and it sort of just sat in a box gathering dust for a while (whoops)... I decided to use it a few weeks ago and I was SO impressed.

Firstly, this is the most affordable foot peel I have come across - usually they cost around the $20-$30 mark, but this one costs $8.75. Secondly, I have tried foot peels before and this one was definitely the most effective one that I have tried.

PicMonkey Photo

PicMonkey Photo

Essentially to use this you wash your feet, and then cut along the marks on these plastic foot bags, place them on your feet (like you are wearing plastic socks with liquid in them) and then you use the pink peel off tags to secure the bags in place, and then you put a movie on and chill with a cup of tea for 90 minutes while it works its magic. After you take them off you wash your feet and you feet will start to peel in a couple of days and may continue to peel over the next two weeks.

When I say that these made my feet peel, I'm not just talking about a little bit of peeling around the soft areas of your feet... within days I was peeling off thick long strips from my heels (which was utterly gross, but utterly satisfying) and then the skin around my toes and the sole of my foot was starting to peel in large sheets. It all sounds disgusting, but it was so effective and it has left my feet feeling so much softer than before.

If you have dry hard skin on your feet I HIGHLY recommend trying this foot peel. My recommendations are to use this when you aren't planning on wearing sandals or going to an event because your feet will look completely gross for a number of days.

I am so impressed and will definitely pick more of these up to use every few months. If have thought about doing a foot peel, definitely try this one because at $8.75 it's super affordable and I am sure you will see some great results. You can buy these from the 1000 Hour website, but I am trying to keep an eye out for where they stock them in store. If you have seen these in store, please tell me where!


Note: this post contains a product that was sent to me as a press sample. My review is based 100% on my own opinion


  1. I've loved the Baby Foot peels for years now simply because I had amazing results and they come in an extra large size for my heffa feet. I know you had a better result personally with the 1000 Hours alternative but did you find the socks roomy? Would they fit about a size ten do you think? x
    Beauty Wanderer

    1. I have size 9 feet and there was heaps of room! I did take photos while I was using them... I will have to look for the photos and add them in.

  2. Hi Kat my local Priceline stocks them. Must try them now :)

  3. Just ordered two of these, can't wait to try them!


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