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Top 5 Highlighters

January 18, 2016


Hello hello! I thought I would do a super quick post to accompany a video that I did on my current top 5 highlighters (permanent highlighters only). I mainly thought I would do this post because the swatches in the video were pretty rubbish and I knew I could do better in a photo.

Lets start with the highlighter I mentioned in my top products of 2015 - The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer. This is a fantastic highlighter because it is a light champagne gold shade which is pretty universal and could suit many skin tones. What I like about this the most is that it is mega pigmented but it doesn't emphasise skin texture - which is amazing! I have been all about the go big or go home mentality with highlighters lately and this is probably one of the most flattering highlighters when applied heavily. A must have and you can now easily buy these in Australia from Target.

Next is a classic that most people would have heard about - MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle. This highlighter is a little sheerer and a little more sparkly than Mary-Lou, but it is beautiful, it lasts on the skin all day and the nude shade works well with any makeup look!

I am scared of white highlighters because generally they are silvery and frosty and really clash on my skin, BUT when you can find a flattering light, almost white, highlighter then it is magic! I have light olive skin and these two highlighters still work on me! First is Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl (which is a liquid highlighter) and this probably gives the best effect to the skin but it is the hardest to apply. It has no base colour and the liquid gives the skin a really beautiful wet look to the skin. This is the most editorial looking highlighter of the five and even though it is gorgeous (the video actually shows this effect a lot better than in the photo below), I do find that this can be difficult to apply because it can lift set foundation. This has recently come out in the pressed version so you can now buy this shade in a powder form. Then we have the Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator in Starlight which is also quite white in the pan but has a beautiful light highlighter than almost has a soft gold and pink duo chrome finish to it which takes away the frostiness and adds warmth. This is one of the most unique highlighters I have used and that's why it's in my top 5.

Lastly we have a loose mineral highlighter by Scout Cosmetics. The Scout Cosmetics Mineral Illuminate is quite a deep highlighter that tends to have more of a tan base colour but it has that gorgeous sheen that looks intense but natural. Because this has a deeper base colour this looks best with a deeper skin tone or a tan.

left to right: Becca Pearl, ABH Starlight, The Balm Mary-Lou, MAC Soft and Gentle, Scout Illuminate
What are your favourite highlighters?



  1. I've wanted the MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle for ages! I might have to treat myself, but I already have way too many highlighters.

  2. I agree so much with you on the comparison between MAC's and The Balm's! I own both, and love both. They're great as kick-ass highlighters!! Both were mentioned in my top 15 faves of 2015 toooo! I've heard so much about Becca's though, gonna have to try get my hands on that one! ^_^

    Haven't been catching up on your YT videos :( No time, hopefully I'll catch up on em soon! Yay!


  3. The Balm's Mary-Lou Manizer is one of my favourite highlighters. I've also been loving using MAC's Strobe Cream has a highlight!


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