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Maybelline Color Tattoo Leather - review & swatches

January 22, 2016


Maybelline is starting 2016 with a bunch of new releases in Australia (one release being the Creamy Matte Lipsticks) and I'm here to share with you the new Color Tattoo Leathers that are being released in the next few weeks. I was lucky enough to be invited to a Maybelline launch event where I was given these products to test out and review as well as other products they will be releasing (coming up soon on my blog).

There are 4 shades being released (5 are available in the US - we are missing a khaki grey one called Deep Forest) and they will retail for the same price as the original Color Tattoos ($11.95 at Priceline) and these all have a matte/leather finish.

Now I want to mention that I am personally not a huge fan of Color Tattoos. I went nuts when they were first released and bought nearly all of them but they just gathered dust in a drawer. There were a few shades that I reached for often (Bad To The Bronze being the main one) but the formula isn't my favourite when it comes to a cream eyeshadow - they aren't completely opaque with their pigmentation, they crease on me (maybe I have oily eyelids?), and they can dry out quicker than other cream shadows if you don't store them properly. Now I do know that there are heaps of people that LOVE Color Tattoos and swear by them, and I can completely understand why people do love them... they are affordable, they come in a nice range of shades, and if they don't crease on you then they will make for a great cream shadow or eyeshadow base.

After all that has been said, if you aren't familiar with Maybelline Color Tattoos then I do recommend trying one out... just don't buy the whole range straight away like I did.


The packaging is the same as the original Color Tattoos - they come in a heavy glass jar with a black lid that shows all the product details.

The four shades are all pretty neutral this time around (I remember the bright oranges and blues when Color Tattoos were first released). This is a really smart move because these can be worn on a daily basis and will prevent them from drying up before you have finished it up.


80 Creamy Beige is a dark nude beige that would be too dark to match most peoples skin tone, but its a lovely neutral colour that is flattering on the eyelid on its own and works well as a base colour.

90 Vintage Plum is a deep purple toned taupe that would work as a nice cool toned shade or as a base for cooler eyeshadow. This doesn't apply as evenly as some of the other shades.

95 Chocolate Suede is a shimmery dark chocolate brown shade that is supposed to have a matte finish... but I don't really get it. I do really like the colour but I wish it applied a little more evenly.

100 Dramatic Black is a matte true black that would work well as a base for a smoky eye look or any deep eyeshadows. If you love black eyeshadow then this shade is must for you! It's great to see a colour like this from a drugstore brand.

Overall I quite like this range and I think the two stand out shades are Creamy Beige as it is an everyday wearable shade that you can wear alone or under any eyeshadow, and Dramatic Black as this is a must for people who love super deep eyeshadow looks and want an affordable black base. If you aren't a fan of Color Tattoos because the formula doesn't work for you then I would definitely skip these, BUT if you love Color Tattoos then these are some great wearable shades to add to your collection.


Note: this post contains products that was sent to me as a press sample. My review is based 100% on my own opinion


  1. I was hoping they would bring out the neutral beige similar to Macs soft ochre

    1. It looks like the Just Beige Color Tattoo is a dupe for Soft Ochre

  2. I used to really like the colour tattoos, particularly Bad to the Bronze but it dried up and the formula just became way too hard and not worth the effort. I do want to pick up Creamy Beige though, looks like an awesome everyday all over lid shade!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. Creamy Beige looks nice. I found the same with the colour tattoos that I used, they creased a bit.
    Renee x

  4. Creamy beige looks awesome! I wish Vintage Plum wasn't as streaky, I freaking love that colour *heart eye emoji*

    Kate |

  5. I really love Colour Tattoos. The original formula does not crease on me and stays put the hole day. I find that the matte ones do crease a bit so I tend to use them as a base for other eyeshadows. It's a perfect base product and so much cheaper than buying MAC paintpots.

  6. Oooh Creamy Beige looks like something that I'd use every day! Do you know when they'll be released?

  7. I just bought Creamy Beige and Chocolate Suede and I really like them! Great review :)


  8. I agree with you that the Colour Tattoo formula is hit and miss - I love the concept of cream eyeshadows but when they dry up and flake on the lid they are more trouble than what they are worth!

    I was really excited about this new release and picked up Creamy Beige, which I thought was an improvement on some of the other shades I own! Now that I've seen your swatches I think I need the other 3...!

    Lisa // Beauty Glossiping


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