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Maybelline Color Blur By Lip Studio Cream Matte Pencil - review & swatches

January 25, 2016


We have yet another new release from Maybelline on the blog today... and sorry if you aren't interested in these types of reviews but Maybelline are releasing a bunch of new products in Australia in the next week or so and I am personally very excited!

These are the Maybelline Color Blurs come in eight shades (down from the ten available in the US) and will retail for $17.95 each in Australia and contain 1.25g. I have heard that these are starting to pop up in Priceline stores but they should be available from the start of February 2016.


The product
This is an interesting concept because you can use them as a standard creamy matte lipstick or you can get a little more creative and use them to make an easy gradient lip or ombre lip. The "bullet" of the lipstick is more like a twist up crayon and has a thin point for precision application (see photos later in this post) and then on the other end there is a smudger which is designed to blend out the colour. I do believe that these are designed mainly for the Korean market where the gradient lip is very popular (where the colour is prominent on the inner part of the lips and fades out to nude lips) and these would be very successful at creating that look. These would also make an ombre lip (which fade from one colour to another) quite easy because you can precisely apply the colour where you want it and gently blend the colours together.

LipStudio ColorBlur 25 Cherry Cherry Bang Bang Staight_model-shot

Another thing that suggests that these are primarily designed for the Korean market is that there is no real nude shade available. This seems strange in a Western market where the nudes tend to be the most popular shades for an all over lip color, but these shades are perfect for the gradient lip trend.

The packaging
These come in long thin marker pen like packaging that is coloured the same shade as the product (very handy!). The packaging is also twist up and has a rubber smudger on the bottom end which is has its own lid to keep it clean. The smudger has the texture of an eraser and you can easily wipe it clean after you have used it.

05 Pink Insanity, 10 Fast & Fuchsia, 15 Berry Misbehaved, 20 Orange Ya Glad, 25 Cherry Cherry Bang Bang, 30 Partner In Crimson, 35 Plum Please, 50 I Like to Mauve It

Shades and formula
The eight shades available range from a bright blue based prink through to deeper strawberry pinks, an orangey red, a true red, berry shades and a mauve pink.

All of the shades have good pigmentation and apply very smoothly onto the lips. I have tested out a few of these shades and my overall thoughts are that they have a thin creamy formula, have great pigmentation, and the colour lasts on the lips for a good 4ish hours (the mauve shade was the only one that didn't last very long on the lips). They can eventually feel a little dry on the lips after a few of hours so if I was to wear these all day then I would wear it on its own in the morning but apply a gloss over the top when I reapplied after lunch to prevent my lips feeling too dry and uncomfortable. Even though these do last quite a few hours, they never completely set and they transferred more than other matte lipsticks that I own (I found smudges of these on my fingers, hands and paperwork throughout the day and that never happens!). The brighter shades do have a tendency to stain the lips slightly as well which adds to the longevity.

Do note that when I was testing these I did only apply them as a regular lipstick as I personally don't like the ombre/gradient lip on myself.

Overall thoughts
Now my overall thoughts are that these are pretty good for their intended purpose - which is creating a gradient lip. If you love that look then you will love these because they will make achieving that look very quick and simple. If you are going for the gradient lip I would recommend prepping your lips first because these could cling to dry patches when blending them out.

The range of shades in the collection are pretty limited are are mainly dark or bright with very few toned down shades available. Once again, these shades are perfect for the Korean gradient lip trend.

If you wanted to buy these as a standard lipstick I personally wouldn't recommend them. The reason I wouldn't recommend them is simply because you get just over 1.25 gram of product instead of the standard Maybelline lipsticks that contain 4.2 grams - so the value just isn't there. In addition I find that the formula isn't as good as the Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipsticks which are also being released around the same time in Australia. If you wanted to buy these because you like to get creating with lip effects then they are great, but if you wanted to use them as a standard lipstick then you can get better products with better value.


Note: this post contains products that was sent to me as a press sample. My review is based 100% on my own opinion


  1. Ooooh these look absolutely lovely and you've taken some seriously beautiful photos! xx

  2. These look extremely lovely but based on your thoughts I may give these a miss. I'm not a fan of the gradient lip myself either so the whole purpose of this product would be wasted on me. But the shades (especially the brighter ones) like really nice xx

    Chantalle | cece & grace


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