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Final empties of 2015!

January 12, 2016


It's 2016 and time to throw out my rubbish from 2015!

These are some of the products that I have used up from around October to early December. I am going to try to keep this very short and sweet so if you wanted more in depth information about the products mentioned then feel free to ask me any questions in the comments or I will link any reviews I may have done to the names of each product.

Also on a sadder note, I think this may be my last empties post of 2016... they are very long to write and I think more people like watching the empties videos rather than reading the posts. If you do love seeing the posts then just let me know.

Shu Uemura Anti Oxi Cleansing Oil: OMG this is my holy grail makeup remover! It isn't cheap but this one giant bottle lasts me a whole year. I have repurchased and will continue to do so as long as I wear makeup!
Repurchase: Already have

Natura Siberica Oblepikha Body Butter: This body butter had a really nice light, almost whipped, texture but I found the fruity scent to be very overpowering and I didn't really love using it for that reason.
Repurchase: No, but I am keen to try more from the brand

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Sorbet: I love any strawberry scented things from The Body Shop! This was a really cool concept because it's a gel body lotion which is supposed to be great for adding hydration but not any greasiness. The only issue I had with this is that it has a grittiness that weird and made me not want to use it. I would love to see more gel based body products on the market!
Repurchase: Maybe

Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge: I don't even need to talk about this! I love it! It is my HG brush cleaner and it's only $2.80 a bottle.
Repurchase: Already have

Polished London Blighty Brunette Dry Shampoo: Speaking of HG products, this is my holy grail dry shampoo. It is cheap (under $5) it does a decent job and it's brown tinted... win win win.
Repurchase: Will do as soon as I use other dry shampoos up

Swisspers Make Up Pads: I usually go for cheaper cotton makeup wipes but these were the only ones available at the time. They weren't bad but they weren't the most cost effective.
Repurchase: Probably at some point in the future

M-Ceutics Intensive Peel: This was a really interesting pack, you have seven capsules that you apply one a night for a week and it gives you a really easy at home enzyme peel. I found this really simple to use and it did make my skin lovely. This pack isn't cheap so I probably won't repurchase, but it was a nice product.
Repurchase: Maybe

Select Once Upon A Time Baby Wipes: I just keep these at my makeup table so I can wipe my hands when I have been doing my makeup. Baby wipes are waaay cheaper than face wipes.
Repurchase: Already have

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturiser in Fair to Medium: I love this! If you like using a gradual tanner and you want one that comes in a really good body lotion then here you go! The tanning element is nice, but I particularly love the formula of the body lotion that it comes in - it is thick, luscious and affordable.
Repurchase: Already have


Purcell Hand Sanitizer Gel: Hand sanitiser... whatever! I like having this in my handbag occasionally to clean my hands (especially when swatching).
Repurchase: Eh, maybe... I just pick whats on sale

Coast To Coast Deep Pore Purifying Polish Lilly Pilly and Oatmeal: I really like this scrub. It felt really natural, doesn't contain plastic beads, was an effective scrub without stripping your skin, and is affordable.
Repurchase: Probably

Arbonne Pure Vibrance Colorlast Hair Serum: I was pleasantly surprised by this hair oil, it was thick but you could use a generous amount without it weighing down your hair. It is also designed for coloured hair so I would recommend this if you do colour your hair and are looking for a nice hair oil.
Repurchase: Yes

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Dry and Go Drops: This isn't the best nail polish drying liquid I have ever used, but it is really affordable and easy to access (I generally buy Sally Hansen 50% off at Chemist Warehouse). I would recommend this if you are looking for a drying liquid that won't cost too much money.
Repurchase: Already have

La Roche-Posay Uvidea XL Melt-In Cream UVA Ultra Daily Protection: La Roche-Posay is my favourite brand for suncreen so I was excited to try this new sunscreen offering from the brand. This is SPF 50 but it only protects against UVA rays, which means it won't protect you from burning but it will protect you from the rays that cause aging. This is a lovely light weight sunscreen that was really easy to wear on a daily basis and I will definitely get this again for the cooler months. If you want an easy to wear sunscreen to help prevent aging then check this one out... but just remember that it won't be enough for the warmer months.
Repurchase: Yes

Bio-Oil: I have been loving body oils lately, but I am not in love with Bio-Oil. I find this to be too greasy and heavy and I believe it contains mineral oil.
Repurchase: No

Nuxe White Intensive Whitening Dark Spot Correcting Serum: This is a really light weight brightening serum which I actually really enjoyed using as a morning serum. I don't know if it brightened my skin noticeably, but I did find it to be a nice addition to my day time skincare routine as it was light and felt nice on the skin.
Repurchase: Maybe

Racinne Ultimate Youth Power Eye Serum: This is a really lovely anti-aging eye gel. I love eye gels because they add hydration (which often the cause for small lines around your eyes) but its often to find one that is also anti-aging. This is also not too expensive for a really nice skincare range.
I am also currently giving away two Racinne skincare packs... so check this link out if you want to enter!
Repurchase: Probably

Nuxe Reve De Miel Hand And Nail Cream: This was a lovely hand cream, it was thick, had a nice soft scent and really moisturised the hands. Because this was thick it was best to use more in the evening, but it wasn't too greasy or oily for a thick hand cream.
Repurchase: Maybe

Zofori Elixer Antioxidant Body Wash and Scrub: This is just a sample that I got from the Zofori Elixer launch. This is a brand that was develop based on ancient Greek ingredients and even though the concept is really interesting, its hard to tell what to think of a product based on a sample.
Repurchase: Maybe

Pericone MD Face Finishing Moisturiser: Perricone MD is becoming my favourite skincare splurges. This was a deluxe sample size of the moisturiser and I loved it. It was thick but light, smoothing and nourishing... and just beautiful. It was just everything you want in a basic moisturiser and more.
Repurchase: Probably... but I want to try other moisturisers from the range first.

Sea Siren Nail Polish Remover Wipes: I am not a fan of nail polish remover wipes (unless I am on holidays). I find that you need to use too many of them to remove your nail polish and they aren't very cost effective.
Repurchase: No

Lush Ocean Salt Facial Scrub: I do like this scrub but I can't see myself running out to buy it too soon. This is a very course salt scrub that does leave you skin feeling amazingly soft but it is also very harsh. I mainly love looking out for this in gift packs instead of buying it on it's own.
Repurchase: Probably down the track

Maybelline Matte Maker Mattifying Powder: This is a great pressed powder. It mattifies the skin, adds a small amount of coverage and is really affordable. It is like a mix between my two other favourite pressed powders - the Australis Fresh and Flawless Powder (which provides coverage) and Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (which mattifies the skin).
Repurchase: Already have

Artsite Manicare brush: I am throwing this out because it sheds like crazy.
Repuchase: No

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner - These aren't finished but I hate them! They aren't bold enough and aren't very black, they also wear off throughout the day and if I have watery eyes it runs and smears like crazy.
Repurchase: Hell no!

Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liquid Liner: These are a lot better in formula to the Master Precise - they are blacker, they last on the eye all day and they are a lot more budge proof. My only problem is that they run out after around 3-4 weeks of using it every day.
Repurchase: Only if they are on sale

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Medium Brown: Yaaas! I used to hate this but completely changed my mind. This isn't great for filling in large areas of your brows but boy does it line/shape your brows perfectly and it can also mimic hairs. Definitely a must if you want to up your brow game.
Repurchase: Definitely!

Lush Fresh Handmade Colour in Ambition: I am throwing this out because the applicator broke. I loved the shade and the formula was nice. I much prefer to use a lipstick in a bullet but if you are after natural makeup then Lush have a nice selection (their cream eye shadows are fab!)
Repuchase: No

Those are my empties! Have you used any of these products, would you repurchase them?



  1. I really love writing and reading empties posts. Its so convenient to just read a quick little review on a product and a great way to read recommendations (or not) all in one place on products you've been using. Please keep writing them! haha

    Thank you
    Tahana <3

  2. I love reading your empties posts to get a quick idea of your thoughts on a wide a range of products so I hope you keep writing them!

  3. I love reading these empties post, I actually prefer reading empties as supposed to watching the videos so please keep writing them! x

  4. I use the ABH Brow Wiz in the same shade and I love it! Perfect for absolute novices like me.

    I too prefer reading empties as opposed to watching empties videos, but everyone is do what you think is best Kat!


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