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Lorac Mega Pro Palette 2

December 11, 2015


It's that time of year where I spend waaaay too much money on limited edition palettes and makeup. The first product that I really wanted to focus on is the Lorac Mega Pro Palette 2.

Lorac brought our the first Lorac Mega Pro Palette for Christmas 2014 and I did a full review and compared it to the Lorac Pro Palette and the Lorac Pro 2 Palette here. I absolutely loved the Lorac Mega Pro Palette so of course I wanted to try and track down the Mega Pro 2. The catch this year is that it is no longer available on Amazon (last year it was Amazon exclusive and very easy to order internationally) and it is now Ulta exclusive. The shitty thing about being Ulta is that for any international person to get this they either need to know someone who can send it from the US or they need to use a shipping service. I decided to order it through a shipping service with Hailey from The Beauty In Life and we were faced with a very weak Australian dollar and shipping fees that were initially quoted quite reasonable but ended up costing double! So this retails for US$59 but if you want to order it from Australia you will be spending well over $100 for it. Last year with a stronger dollar and better shipping fees it cost me around $75. I hope next year they sell this palette on Amazon again because I am losing faith in Lorac as a brand, especially since the gist of their responses to peoples queries on their facebook was "we understand you can't buy it internationally, oh well".

Onto the actual review!


The box comes in a nice silver and blue design and the main think I thought I would point out is that the Mega Pro Palette came with 17.6g of product in total but the Mega Pro 2 comes with a comparatively small 12.8g. I am not sure why nearly a third of the product has disappeared, as the pan sizes are the same and both palettes have 32 shades... but I guess that just adds insult to injury after spending so much money trying to get a hold of the palette. Lorac claims that this is due to different density in the pigment - but all I can think is that 4.8g less of density is still 4.8g less product.


The packaging of the palette itself is very similar to the Mega Pro and the other Pro Palettes. This is a thin and compact cardboard palette with an almost rubberised finish (that gets dirty easily) and the colour theme for this palette is deep blue and silver. This also comes with a decent size mirror and the names of each shade is listed under the pan. You can see that there are two rows of matte shades and two rows of shimmers and each row contains eight eye shadows.


I thought I would do a quick line up with the Mega Pro and Pro palettes. The Mega Pro had four shades repeated from the other Pro palettes, but the Mega Pro 2 has only one shade repeated (Black - which appears in all four palettes).

You can also see the Mega Pro 2 is a lot more colourful and brighter than any of the other palettes. The original Pro Palette (black) has a lot of basic neutral shades, the Pro 2 Palette (grey) has a few pops of wearable colours (peach, navy, olive green), the Mega Pro (burgundy) has a lot of warm sandy shades and a few more wearable mauves and wines, whereas the Mega Pro 2 has bright oranges, true purples, a vibrant blue and a yellow gold.

PicMonkey Collage 

Row 1 (matte)
Porcelain - yellow toned off white
Custard - yellow toned cream
Tawny - warm caramel brown
Burlap - similar to Tawny but more green toned
Melon - bright pastel orange
Tangerine - bright mid toned orange
Saddle - warm dark brown
Forest - blackened deep green
Row 2 (matte)
Bisque - pink toned off white
Lavender - bright pastel purple
Purple - deep blue toned purple
Sorbet - warm dusky pinky nude
Goji - red toned plum
Cabernet - deep burgundy brown
Ash - purple toned deep grey
Black - black
Row 3 (shimmer)
Sugar - light warm beige
Chiffon - light frosty pink
Prosecco - metallic beige with a silver finish
Soft Plum - dusky rose/mauve
Cinnamon - warm golden bronze
Sandstone - mid-toned beige with a slight green hint
Gunmetal - metallic deep silver with warm undertones
Blue Quartz - a bright mid toned true blue
Row 4 (shimmer)
Moonlight - light yellow
Seashell - light yellow beige
Peony - light warm peach
Dark Sienna - deep red toned brown
Penny - old gold metallic bronze
Olivine - light olive gold
Gold Leaf - bright metallic yellow
Black Ivy - deep blackened green with gold sparkle

In regards to the formula, if you love the Lorac Pro formula then you will love these. They are quite pigmented, apply evenly, but they kick up a lot of powder. There isn't much fall out when you apply these to the eye, but even a slight swirl in the pan will kick up a lot of product and after you have used a shade a couple of times you will notice a dent in the pan (maybe if they were more dense this wouldn't happen). The shimmers have a beautiful formula that blend nicely and apply boldly, but the mattes tend be quite powdery and don't adhere to the skin enough to give a very bold application. Of course it is recommended to apply a primer underneath any eye shadow and that does help the eye shadows adhere to the skin. With a primer these do last well on the eyes without creasing.


I regards to the shades in the palette, I think the shades are lovely and varied but it's strangely quite a limiting palette. I loved the Mega Pro because it had a wide variety of cool and warm neutral shades (both matte and shimmer) that could be mixed and matched for a variety of every day wearable eye looks (which is my personal preference). The Mega Pro 2 is strange... it has a lot of light shimmery shades, a lot of cool mid toned shimmery shades and a lot of warm mattes. I found when trying to wear a mid toned warm shimmer (my personal favourite for all over the lid) there was only a couple to choose from (cinnamon and penny) but there were a lot of warm matte shades to pair them with. When I delved into wearing some of the cooler shades all over the lid (Soft Plum being my favourite) I was really restricted tying to find a cool toned matte to put in the crease... there's only bold purples! So even though I think this palette is fun, if you wanted to use it on a daily basis then you will be stuck using only a couple of your favourite shades and most won't be touched! However, if you do like playing with colour then you will love this palette.

My personal favourite shades from this palette are Melon, Tangerine, Sorbet, Goji, Prosecco and Penny. Melon and Sorbet are the most beautiful warm transition shades and Tangerine and Goji are really fun ways to deepen and warm up an eye look.

Overall I think the quality and the shades are nice but I think this palette is a little deceptive as it looks versatile but it feels quite limiting when you are trying to put together shadows for a cohesive look. I think if you have the Mega Pro from 2014 then this is a great accompanying palette as it has a lot more pops of colour and the only repeating shade is black. If this was much easier to get in Australia (and cheaper) then I would totally recommend it because it's a fun palette and you get a lot of shadows to play with. Would I suggest spending crazy amounts of money trying to track it down? Well, no... unless you are a crazy makeup collector like me of course! It's a nice palette, but I don't think it's an every day essential.

If you were wanting to get your hands on this palette, Hailey and I have a sneaky giveaway coming up on Christmas Eve so don't forget to subscribe to my blog so you don't miss it!


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  1. Great review! I wasn't particularly drawn to this palette as there are only a few shades I know I would use often. Regardless it does have some lovely, unique colours and I do love the Lorac formula!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.


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