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Interesting shampoos

December 14, 2015


There are times where I have one shampoo and one conditioner in my shower and other times where I have numerous! Right now I have around 6 or 7, so I thought I would do a mini review of five more unusual shampoos I currently have in my shower.

Hanz De Fuko Natural Shampoo
Hanz De Fuko is a really interesting brand that has only come to my attention recently. It is a San Francisco based brand and is used by people like David Beckham. This is mainly targeted to men, but it's a great unisex brand (even though all hair products are technically unisex) as the packaging looks very gender neutral and the shampoo has a nice soft herbal eucalyptus type scent to it. The shampoo is a gentle cleanser that contains over 16 plant extracts and is sulphate and paraben free. I also love the conditioner in this range as it has a fresh spearmint scent and together they are very effective at cleaning the hair without stripping it or adding any build up. You can get this from Sephora Australia for $26 or from the international Hanz De Fuko website.

Lush BIG Sea Salt Shampoo
If you are after a clarifying shampoo then look no further! The Lush BIG Sea Salt Shampoo has saved my hair on numerous occasions and I am obsessed - it has hit holy grail status for me. This is a weird sludge that has large chunks of salt in it so it seems very peculiar when your first use it. If you apply this to dirty hair then it doesn't lather, so the best way to use it is to shampoo first with another shampoo and then do a second shampoo using a small amount of BIG. This shampoo strips any build up and grime from your hair and it leaves you hair smooth, soft and extremely volumised. I use this roughly once a week or when needed. I wish that this shampoo has finer pieces of salt because the large crystals end up falling off or getting stuck in your hair... but it's worth the hassle! This retails for $27.50 for a 330g tub, but the tub lasts a long time! Check this out at the Lush website.

HIF Intensive Detox and Hydration Support
HIF (Hair Is Fabric) is a really interesting brand that falls under the umbrella company Deciem. Deciem is a company that has over 10 brands associated with it and they are known for using new science and doing things differently to get great results and change up the beauty industry. Deciem brands have started trickling onto the Australian market recently and HIF products will be stocked in Priceline in March 2016. Check out the whole range and more information at the HIF website.

The HIF products are a one step cleansing conditioner that cleans the hair and scalp by removing the dirt and impurities and leaving the hair fabric undamaged. They say that this is like a dry cleaning effect for the hair.  There are 15 products in the HIF range and they are all designed for different hair types and hair needs and they retail from $40 to $70. Some examples of the products in the range are Growth Support, Anti-Aging Support, Silver Hue Support and Anti-Frizz Support.

Each of the different types of HIF products have a "cleansing coeffient" value and a "conditioning coefficient" value which are ratings of how much they cleanse the hair and how much they condition the hair. The Intensive Detox has a cleansing coefficient of 10 and conditioning coefficient of 5, whereas the Hydration Support has cleansing 6 and conditioning 8. The directions are the same for each product and you simply work this into your hair, leave it for three minutes and then rise.

Now I want to make it abundantly clear that it is VERY important to pick the product that suits your hair type. I really like the effect that the Intense Detox has on my hair as it cleans the hair really well and it is very easy to use, however I detested the Hydration Support! I have quite limp hair that requires a lot of volume in the roots and that can easily be weighed down with too much product. Also my hair is only slightly colour treated and isn't very dry or damaged. When I used the Hydration Support it felt like I hadn't washed out the product (even though I rinsed my hair for minutes) and my hair was left so heavy and had so much residue, it was disgusting. This residue couldn't be washed out with normal shampoo and required the Lush BIG Sea Salt Shampoo to remove it. I would only recommend this Hydration Support to people who have very brittle damaged hair and love the heavy effect that products like coconut oil have on their hair. So even though these products are very interesting, be super careful with the one you choose for your hair because they aren't like normal shampoos that all tend to work in a similar way.

Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Shampoo Intense
Grow Gorgeous is another Deciem brand that is launching at Priceline in March 2016 and I wanted to give it a quick mention because if you have thinning hair then this might become your new friend. I have only used this a few times so I haven't noticed any great difference in my hair, but it contains amino acids, caffeine, proteins, biotin and B-vitamins that are supposed to help increase hair density and thickness. I will continue to use this and see if I notice much of a difference in my hair density. This retails for $40 and there are other products in the range like serums, conditioners and masks. Check out more information at the Grow Gorgeous website.


Those are some of the more interesting shampoos that I have been trying lately. Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts?


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