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December 1, 2015


I recently went to a blogger event in Melbourne and was introduced to a few products from Harvest Garden. Harvest Garden has a range of bath and skincare products that are 100% natural, free of toxins, synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, parabens and palm oil. You can buy all their products online and shipping is free on orders over $60.

What I wanted to focus on are the soaps as I have three of them and I love them! These retail for $7 each and there are heaps of delicious scents available (along with some vegan versions).

I originally wanted to do this post because I think the soaps are very aesthetically pleasing and smell delicious. I love that they all are topped with something that's related to the ingredients and look so natural - eg the Ground Coffee and Salt is topped with ground coffee and coffee beans - BUT when I started using them (I have one in my shower and one at my sink) I fell in love with the formula.


The three that I have are Sweet Orange and Lavender with Almond Meal and Australian Pink Clay, Sweet Orange and Cinnamon with Saffron and Ground Coffee and Salt.

I have been using the sweet orange and lavender one in the shower and it has a beautiful soft orange scent but it also lathers really nicely and doesn't make my skin feel at all dry (which is rare for a soap). A nice hidden surprise is that the almond meal creates a slight gentle exfoliating effect that I really love. I have been using the sweet orange and cinnamon one at my bathroom sink and it creates a beautiful warm spicy orange scent that once again doesn't leave your hands dry. I haven't yet used the coffee one, but I am hoping that the salt also acts as a slight exfoliator.

They also have some other intriguing soaps such as Peppermint, Green Clay & Pumice, Sweet orange (mint and pumice... where have you been all my life?!) Lemongrass & Lavender with Poppy Seeds and Honey and Oatmeal

I think they would make a beautiful gift for anyone who loves a little indulgence and values natural and hand made skincare. Harvest Garden also have bath salts, beeswax candles and vast range of skincare.



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  1. These soaps looks so lovely!
    Great review!


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