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Christmas Palette Picks

December 16, 2015


Christmas is a super exciting time of the year in the beauty community because brands bring out limited edition products! I would love to say that this post is about a great Christmas gift idea, but in all honesty I bought these for me... and you will probably buy them for you. This is more of a double whammy review of two limited edition palettes that I bought from Mecca recently and really highly recommend.


The two palettes I bought are the BareMinerals - The Regal Wardrobe which retails for AU$58.00 from Mecca and it is currently still available online (and see which stores have it in stock), and the Smashbox Crush On Blush Palette which retails for AU$66.00 and is currently sold out on the Mecca website but you can look up which stores have it in stock.
The rationale behind buying these palettes (because we can always find a good excuse to justify makeup purchases) was that I was umming and ahhing about the limited edition NARS Steven Klein One Shocking Moment Cheek Studio Palette (which retail for $100) but I had a couple of shades in that palette and thought that I can almost get these two palettes for the price of that one NARS palette... and then the transaction was complete!

Let's start with the BareMinerals The Regal Wardrobe.

This is a cardboard palette that has a magnetic closure and it folds out to have three sections - mirror, eye shadows and face powders. I really like how this folds down to a compact sturdy pack (great for storage and traveling), but I find that it's a little annoying when you have it folded out completely. This isn't the type of palette that you can hold comfortably when using it, and it takes up a lot of room when folded out so it needs quite a large surface. I think this would have been better if it didn't have the mirror, since the mirror is hard to use when it is completely folded out anyway.

left to right: Natural, Cognac, Namaste, Treasure Hunt, 500 Thread Count, Romp, Flash,  Regal
The hidden gem with this palette is the eyeshadows. You can see above that all of them are crazy smooth, pigmented and buttery. There are eight shades in total and the top row is warm toned and the bottom row is cool toned. Both rows have two shimmers and two mattes so you can get a really nicely balanced eye look with this one palette. The one shade that is quite hard to see in the photo above is Natural since it almost matches my skin tone perfectly, but it is a nice smooth and even shade. You can see that the formula is perfect with all shades - the mattes, the metallic and the shimmery shades all apply amazingly with one swatch and without any primer.

top to bottom: The Love Letter, The Brilliant Sunset, The Skinny Dip, The Summer Fling

The face powders in this palette are nice, but they don't blow me away as much as the eye shadows do. You get two blushes (one soft peach and one dusky mauve), a nude/pink highlighter and a bronzer that has a slight gold sheen. The bendability is great and the shades are very wearable and aren't overly pigmented. I really like the combination of the soft matte peachy cheek with the highlighter and bronzer (I would wear the mauve shade more in the cooler months). The highlighter can be applied lightly for a more natural highlight or built up for a brighter sheen (which is what I do) and on my skin tone I can use the bronzer as a soft contour (the slight sheen doesn't show up too much on the skin), but would also be great for warming up the complexion. The face powders help make this palette a perfect travel companion, but I would love to see BareMinerals bring out a palette that has double the amount of eye shadows instead of the face powders, since the eyeshadows are their strongest performing products in my opinion.

Onto the Smashbox Crush On Blush Palette.


This is also a sleek cardboard palette that is very sturdy, has a large mirror and a magnetic closure. I particularly like the design on this one.

left to right: Shimmer, Warm Apricot, Guava, Suntan, Rosy, Rosette
BAM! This is a face palette that really packs a punch! This contains six shades - one highlighter, one contour/bronzer and four blushes (two large pans and two small pans). The pigmentation and blendability of these products are generally pretty good. I was mainly sold on the palette because the highlighter was so amazing! The highlighter is called Shimmer and it is a shimmery nude pink (similar to the one in the BareMinerals one, but more bold) and the formula is divine! It is so pigmented and a little goes a long way. This could look too silvery and cool toned on deeper skin tones, but people with fair to medium skin tones will love this. The contour shade (Suntan) is a matte warm brown and can be used as a contour or bronzer depending on your skin tone, the pigmentation and blendability is quite nice. The blushes are also lovely - there is a shimmery coral (Warm Apricot), a satin peach (Guava), a deep berry with a matte base and some shimmer (Rosy) and a matte cool toned pink (Rosette). Most shades have nice pigmentation, blend well and can be applied lightly or built up. The only shade I didn't love was Rosy as it was a little firmer and less pigmented - but it's better to have deeper shades less pigmented so you are able to slowly build them up. I do think that some of the blush shades seemed too repetitive and I would have loved to see maybe Rosy swapped out for more of a nude blush and maybe Guava lightened a bit.

Overall I really love these palettes and think they are both great value for money. If you want a great travel palette and you love a nice eye shadow then check out the BareMinerals The Regal Wardrobe. If you love playing with blushes/contouring/highlighting then definitely check out the Smashbox Crush On Blush Palette.


  1. Ah my gosh, bare minerals eat your heart out!!!! So amazing. Definitely wanting this one too, thanks a lot Kat hahaha x

    Katina |

  2. Oh wow those eyeshadows look so heavenly!! love them!

    This Damsel Loves Blog

  3. Ah, these all look so beautiful!

    xo, Liz

  4. These look so lovely! Especially the eyeshadows which have such lovely colours! I'm not really a fan of cardboard packaging, however these look nice and sturdy x


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