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Benefit - brand focus

December 4, 2015


This is going to be the first of hopefully many brand focus posts that I have panned for my blog. I thought I would start with Benefit because I have a decent range of Benefit products and because their packaging is so fun and colourful. Before I continue I did want to point out the Benefit products are not listed to be cruelty free.

This is going to be a short post about my favourite products from the range that I highly recommend checking out and the products that I think you should miss. I am thinking I might do a one brand tutorial using Benefit products only, so if you want to see that then let me know in the comments.

If you want to hear me talk about each of the products that I have from Benefit definitely check out the video that I posted on my channel - but be warned that it is over 20min long, but I do talk about each product in more detail.


My first recommendations from Benefit are their blush products. From their cheek stains to their box blushes, all of their cheek products are great! I currently have the Benetint (red) and Posietint (poppy pink) Lip and Cheek Stains and I love them - they also come in Lollitint (candy orchid pink) and Chachatint (mango peach). If you are after a long wearing blush then these are the ones to go for, the catch is that they take a little practice to apply perfectly. I recommend applying a little to the back of your hand and applying it with a stippling brush for an even application. The Benefit Box O' Powder products are also very popular, and for a very good reason. I have the shade Hervana which is a matte blush made of different colour segments and gives a beautiful peachy pink flush to the cheeks and is really easy to apply and blend. They also have a matte bronzer and five other blushes in this range and I literally want them all!  Lastly is their Majorette cream to powder blush which comes in one shade (a peachy orange) and applies smoothly and evenly without lifting or moving your base. This is probably my favourite cream blush formula (as I love the matte finish) and I would love to see this in more shades. This is also designed to be a "blush booster"so if you want a bolder blush look you can apply this as a base and then a Box O' Powder blush over the top for an amplified finish.

Now onto skincare items to note - I love the It's Potent Eye Cream! Not only do you get a giant jar of it but it's very thick and luscious and really helps keep your under eye area stay plump. This claims to reduce dark circles over time, and I can't really vouch for that, but for a basic hydrating eye cream this is great! I also really like the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion which is an oil free light day time moisturiser with SPF15 and feels light yet provides a nice amount of hydration. It also has a beautiful fresh scent that I think is lovely, but if you don't like fragranced skincare you won't like this. Lastly, if you have issues with visible pores, I highly recommend The Porefessional Primer. This smooths out imperfections and makes my makeup last longer on my oily combination skin than most other primers I have used.

My last recommendation are two eye products. The first is the Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liners which are cream eye shadows (that can double as liners - derr). These are AMAZING! I have had three of these for years now (mine are the older packaging) and even though they are starting to dry out a little now, they are beautifully pigmented and they stay on the eyes all day without any creasing. I used to have a bronze shade called Marry Up (now discontinued) which was the perfect all over the lid colour and was a one product wonder because I didn't need to use anything else with it. If I was to purchase any more I would recommend the more metallic finish shades, especially the bronzes! Lastly is the They're Real Mascara - which I believe is the most sold mascara in Myer. This isn't my holy grail mascara, mainly because to get the effect that I like I really need to build it up (and risk serious clumping), but I understand the hype and it works really well at giving volume and length.

Onto the products that I don't recommend. The first is the They're Real Push Up Liner and the shade I have is blue. This is a gel liner in a pen form, which is an interesting concept and some people love it, it's just not for me. I love the colour but I find that this take a lot longer to apply than a normal gel liner with a brush, and is it a little dry so it tends to skip on the eye instead of applying a nice even line. If you love liquid liner pens and wanted to try a gel liner in a pen form, sure give this a go... but I can guarantee that it's not an easy thing to use and I think a pot gel with a brush gives better results and is a lot more cost effective.

Lastly is the License To Blot which is an oil blotting stick. I do get quite oily so this is a product that is targeted to people like me, but I just didn't like it. This product looks almost like a glue stick and you rub it onto your oilier areas to reduce the shine. The concept is fine but I would prefer to use blotting paper for two reasons - the stick moves around your makeup and it applies a balm on top of your makeup and oil. I personally prefer paper that actually takes the oily away instead of adding more to it.

So those are my picks and misses from the Benefit range. I also really want to try some more box blushes (and the Hoola bronzer!), the What's Up highlighter, some more base products, lip products and the eye shadows from the range.

You can buy Benefit in store in Myer (in Australia) or you can buy internationally from the Benefit website. Also if you want to check out a range of Benefit products definitely look into their Christmas packs which are currently available and are great value!

What are your recommendations for Benefit products?


Note: some of these products were send for review and some were bought by me.


  1. I've actually had Majorette applied in Selfridges by a makeup artist - I would've NEVER thought I'd look OK in shade this peachy orange, but it's a STUNNER. And you're right, the formula rocks.

    1. How pretty is it! It looks a lot softer on the cheeks and for an oilier gal like me... this THE perfect cream blush formula!

  2. Thanks for this nice overview. It's especially useful to someone like me who doesn't own many Benefit products. I'm always drawn in by the Benefit packaging, but put off by the price. I'd really love to try the powder blushes.

    1. yeah the price is off putting... which if why I often go for packs or you can order from the international website (the Aussie dollar is pretty rubbish at the moment though)

  3. Great roundup! I've been using BeneFit products for 15 years (the packaging was way appealing to my teenage self)- my favourites from the brand are They're Real mascara, Watt's Up highlighter, Coralista Blush, and Fake-Up concealer. I've also been testing the It's Potent eye cream and am quite liking it! :)


    1. I so badly want the Watt's Up Highlighter and Coralista Blush! xx

  4. Can't recommend the Roller Lash mascara - I wasn't a fan of the clumpy-ness of the "They're Real" but the Roller Lash is a thinner formula and really does curl. Love it!

  5. The Watt's Up highlighter is my absolute favourite Benefit product - highly recommended! xx

    Daniela |


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