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Becca Ombre Rouge Palette - review & swatches

December 22, 2015


There are some palettes that you look at and think "that is my perfect palette, I need it in my life and I swear I will use it everyday and it will be totally worth the investment!" ...that's exactly what I thought about the Becca Ombre Rouge Palette.


The Becca Ombre Rouge Palette is the second eye shadow palette released from Becca (the first being the Becca Ombre Nude Palette). This is set out the same way as the Ombre Nude Palette which has 5 neutral brown shades that has a gradation from a cream shade through to the deeper shades. The Ombre Rouge Palette is similar but instead of neutral browns it is a beautiful warm toned palette that contains a cream, a couple of warm mid toned shades and a couple of deeper burnt orange/sienna shades. I am a lover of burnt orange and warm shadows so this palette looked like the palette of my dreams!

This palette is not cheap! I bought mine from Lipstick Republic where it is currently on sale for AU$64 instead of the usual AU$70 (also use the code "kitschsnitch" for 10% off your order). This contains 8g of product in total (1.6g per shade). You also get an eye chart which tells you how best to apply these shadows for your eye shape.


The packaging is super sleek and beautiful quality. It is a reflective metal (or heavy fancy plastic?) palette with a huge mirror in the lid and a sturdy clip closure. This is the perfect travel palette because it is very compact, very sturdy and the large mirror makes it easy to apply your makeup.


The shades don't have names (besides 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5). There is a matte cream, a satin rosy mauve, a satin peachy nude, a matte burnt orange and a matte deep sienna brown. All of the shades have a beautifully buttery formula with great pigmentation and apply really smoothly. I also love that all of these shades are very wearable and you can create a whole eye look using the one palette. None of the shades are glittery and garish and they should all work well on all ages.

I do want to note that when I apply this over a primer the colours tend to look slightly darker than what it looks in the pan or swatched onto dry skin, and that's probably because of the strong pigmentation of the shades and the fact that they really cling to a base.


I don't know if you are sensing a "but" coming along, it is coming! This is a beautiful palette BUT I do think that it has its downfalls. There are two things that disappoint me about this palette. Firstly, the shades look very different and unique in the pan but I find that they muddy together very easily when applied and it's very hard to distinguish between the shades. This might be because they are possibly too buttery and smooth and they tend to spread and blend more than normal eye shadows. Whether I apply one of the satin shades on the lid with one of the deeper matte shades in the crease/outer corner, you can't really tell which shades I am using because they give a very similar effect. When I first used this palette I used all five shades on my eyes and it gave the look of one burnt orange shade, there was no differentiation between each of the shades. Because of this I find that the five shades are a bit of a waste, you could easily get the same look with just a trio of the cream, one satin and one dark matte shade. My favourite way to wear this palette has been by applying the cream all over the lid, one of the deeper shades lightly in the crease and one of the satin shades on the lower lash line. This tends to make a natural and pretty look with the shades looking quite distinct... but once again, that could be done with a trio.

Secondly I find that these shades crease on me. I always apply a base to my eye shadows and haven't had creasing issues for years and years (unless I use really cheap shadows or no base) but when I use this palette there is noticeable creasing by the end of the day. I have tried this with various primers and even my favourite MAC Prolong Wear Pain Point and it still creases! Sure, the creasing isn't major but for the price of this palette I would expect the shadows to last a lot better than it does.

Overall I am not as obsessed with this palette as I would have liked to have been and I am a little disappointed because of the price tag. I am still happy to use this as a work palette or along side another palette (to add a little more depth to the look) but I was expecting to be shouting my love for this palette from the rooftops but instead I just think it's alright.



  1. Oh such a shame you didn't completely love it. I bought it and love the shades but I see what you mean how they sort of muddle together though.

    Honey Go-Lightly

  2. Such a shame about this palette since it looks so amazing in the packaging! I can definitely see how all the colours would just meld together and look same-y on the lid though. Can't say it's terribly versatile or unique considering the price tag!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. I was actually going to pick this up, but you've convinced me that I don't need it! Thanks so much for your honest review! I love the shades, but I probably already have similar ones in my collection.

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

  4. Oh wow!!! I'm convinced that nearly all of your posts make me want to buy something, this Palette is no exception ! The middle shade, oh my gosh x

    Katina |

  5. Great review, I to was thinking this would be the perfect palette that I needed in my collection. I really appreciate your honest feedback and can understand exactly what you mean. I may still splurge, but will definitely think about it a bit longer.

    Lisa // Beauty Glossiping


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