MAC Oh, Darling DUPES

November 30, 2015


Happy Monday! I thought I would start the week with a super quick dupe post. I have noticed that 2015 is the year of hyped up gold highlighter releases and clearly I have fallen for the hype for a lot of them.

Since the limited edition MAC Extra Dimension Skin Finish in Oh, Darling sold out so quickly, and is in crazy high demand, I thought I would do a dupe post.

l-r MAC Oh, Darling, Laura Geller Gilded Honey, Becca Champagne Pop, ABH So Hollywood

All of the highlighters swatched above have a very similar gold champagne shade and would be hard to distinguish when applied. MAC Oh, Darling is the most true gold and darkest of the four shades, it also very highlight metallic finish and is my favourite of the four shades. Laura Geller Gilded Honey is the most similar in colour and finish but I find that the amount of product you get and the quality and design of the packaging is very disappointing, but at least it is a permanent product. Becca Champagne Pop is lighter and more champagne coloured and looks less metallic and more powdery on the skin and can emphasise pores and imperfections more than the other three listed. Anastasia Beverly Hills So Hollywood has a similar metallic finish as Oh, Darling but it is a lot lighter in colour.

I have done reviews of all of these highlighters so you can check out more information in the links below:
MAC Extra Dimension Skin Finish in Oh, Darling
Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Gilded Honey
Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Champagne Pop
Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator in So Hollywood

Even though I love MAC's Oh, Darling, if you missed out on it and own one of more of the other highlighters listed, you aren't missing out on much.



  1. Thanks so much for the comparisons! I really picked up Champagne Pop (and love it), so don't feel so bad about missing out on the MAC :)


  2. These are great dupes! I love Champagne Pop!

  3. Loving the blog layout revamp! Really helpful comparison swatches ... I guess Champagne Pop is similar enough to Oh Darling colour-wise for me to be content with not having both (not that I could get my hands on the MAC option it seems, haha). I never know what's happening with MAC limited edition stuff, plus I've always found MAC to be so overpriced in Australia (what isn't).

    1. Thanks so much honey! I am still dealing with some teething issues with the template which is a bit annoying! I personally like Oh Darling more than Champagne Pop... but they are close enough!

  4. Oh wow Kat!! Amazing post, thanks for this! I was looking for a dupe and this post popped up at the perfect time hahah x

    Katina |


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