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Going Gold - new product releases

November 28, 2015


In the last couple of weeks I have stumbled upon a few new gold coloured products (maybe because summer is a couple of days away) so I thought I would randomly include them all in a special gold themed new products post.

Hylamide Photography Foundation in Golden Tan
Hylamide has recently been released in Australia (available at Priceline) and the range contains both finishing products and skin boosting products. At Priceline you can get the Photography Foundation in two shades (Translucent and Golden Tan) but also comes in Dark Tan on the Hylamide website. You might be thinking "how does something that's translucent act as a foundation?". Well, I would consider this more as a primer rather than a foundation, and it is designed to diffuse light to create a more flawless appearance to the skin. This is also supposed to help your skin look more blurred in photos because the camera can't focus on things like pores and fine lines. I need to test this out more to see if it makes a noticeable difference (if you want to see a post with photo comparisons then let me know in the comments) but I like to add it into my foundation to give my foundation more of a glow. This Golden Tan version does look quite extreme as it is a gold liquid, but once you blend it into the skin it adds a subtle golden glow. The Translucent retails for $30 and the Golden Tan retails for $38

Jergens Natural Glow Color Primer In Shower Scrub
I lover Jergens! Their moisturisers and gradual tanners are the bomb. They recently released a three products into the Natural Glow range to help get a perfect fake tan. The first step is the Color Primer, which is a scrub to remove any dead skin cells and to prepare the skin for the tan The second step is the Tanning Mousse (light or dark). The third step is the Tan Extender which is a moisturiser to help maintain an even tan for up to 7 days (aka to stop it from flaking off). I am featuring the Color Primer in this post because it is a beautiful golden shimmery gel with a lot of brown scrubbing particles. What I love about this scrub is that it doesn't leave the skin moisturised or oily so the fake tan adheres to the skin really evenly and nicely. If you want to see more about the three products then I am more than happy to do a full review... in hind sight this random gold post isn't making much sense :P
The Jergens Natural Glow products can be bought from Priceline

Trilogy Instant Bronzing Gel
Ah-ha this was the reason I thought about this post in the first place. I decided to try this new self tanner by Trilogy and when I squeezed some into my hand I was shocked (and amazed) by the gold sparkles in this product. This is a light tanner that doesn't give a super dark bold tan on first application (which I kinda like because that tends to lead to streaks and patchiness), but what I love about it is that it's a gel product with gold shimmer and it adds a hint of instant colour and a sheen to the skin... which will be pointless if you are applying this before bed, but it looks great otherwise. This develops into a faint tan and I haven't had any issues with streakiness. When you first apply this it has a strong alcohol scent which fades to a maple syrup scant and it never develops to a strong fake tan scent. Since this is a runny gel formula and it contains a lot of alcohol, this does dry very very fast and you don't feel sticky and gross at all! This is the perfect day time tanning product because it looks great on the skin, it smells nice, and it is dry within a minute of applying.
You can get this from the Trilogy website where it retails for $18.95.



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  1. Hylamide kinda popped up out of nowhere! I'm super intrigued by their products, I lurve the packaging. Waiting to see more reviews before I get anything though!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.


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