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RACINNE mini brand focus

October 16, 2015

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I was lucky enough to be given a bunch of amazing Racinne products to incorporate into my skincare routine. I have been using these products for a while now and am ready to give my thoughts on these products.

Lets start from the start because I hadn't heard of this brand and am sure that a lot of you guys haven't heard much about it either (if you have used these products, definitely let me know your favourite product in the comments!).

Racinne is a brand of skincare that has four ranges of products for different skin types and skin concerns.

Delicate Perfection is a range for dry skin which contains a cream cleanser, a toner, a serum, a moisturiser, an eye serum and masks.
Ultimate Youth Power is a range that sounds like a superhero power that I would love to possess! This range is designed for anti-aging and contains a lotion, a moisturiser, a serum, an eye serum, an eye cream, a mask and a neck cream.
Ultimate Aqua Blac is a range designed for brightening and whitening and contains a moisturiser, a few serums, a mask and an eye serum.
Ultimate Hydra Perfection is the range for hydration and this is my personal favourite (hail Hydra!). This range contains a cleansing foam, a scrub, a few serums, moisturises and an eye serum.

If you wanted to check out any of the products, prices, skincare packs, stockist etc. etc. then check out the Racinne website.

PicMonkey Photo
PicMonkey Photo

I am going to start by talking about my loves! I am so obsessed with the Ultimate Hydra Perfection range. The products from this range that I have been trailing are the Gentle Refining Scrub (AU$24), the Optimal Fortifying Emulsion (AU$39) and the Ultimate Defence Illuminating Cream (AU$44).

Firstly, I don't think you can see so much from the photos above but the packaging is gorgeous! The packaging is white with a pearlescent sheen that gives it a purple and green glow when it catches the light. Check out my instagram video of the packaging catching the light. Love love love! Secondly the products are beautiful! They are designed for hydration so they are very light feeling on the skin but have a gel like formula. The products also have a soft high end skincare scent that smells very clean.

I fell instantly in love with the Gentle Refining Scrub as it is a very fine and gentle scrub (good for an every day use product but not harsh enough for a very thorough exfoliation) but it is amazing! You use the smallest amount and it foams up to a beautiful luxurious creamy lather that thoroughly removes any oils and dirt without completing stripping the skin *drools*. I have been using the Optimal Fortifying Emulsion serum as a day serum as it is a beautiful light gel product that creates all day hydration. The Ultimate Defence Illuminating Cream is an interesting hybrid between a cream and a gel. It is a very thick cream that applies very lightly like a gel. I think these products work beautifully but are very lightweight so I mainly use them during the day with a sunscreen.

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PicMonkey Photo

Onto a couple of the Ultimate Youth Power products that I have been using. These come in very reflective (and hard to photograph) gold packaging and are very luxe and have a similar high end clean scent. The Ultimate Youth Power Serum (AU$88) is a lovely lightweight lotion consistency serum and the Ultimate Youth Power Eye Serum ($41) is a gel serum that you apply with this interesting applicator (see photo above - but I still apply it with my fingers) but it works wonders at keeping the skin around my eyes hydrated and smooth. These have been my night products and they have really helped at reducing any fine lines and keep my skin smooth and even.

Overall I am loving these products! They work really easily into my every day skincare routine and I have noticed that my skin has become consistently even, smooth, glowing and hydrated since working them into my routine. I am also astounded at how affordable they are for such high quality products! They are definitely worth the money. I was particularly impressed with the hydrating range and will no doubt be working more of that range into my skincare routine in the near future.

Have you tried this range? What were your thoughts?


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  1. Looks like a great brand.
    Never tested it.
    Thank you for this lovely review!


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