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Enticing Candles - review and ring reveal

October 5, 2015


I was having a bad day the other week and needed a bit of retail therapy. On a whim I decided to order a few Enticing Candles. This is an Australian ring candle company and you can check out the range of candles at the Enticing Candles website. If you have never heard of a ring candle, it's pretty much a candle that has a ring hidden in it. This brand has rings ranging from $10-1,000 in each candle.

I also did a review and ring reveal candle so if you want to see what it looks like to remove a ring from the candle, just watch the video below:

The three candles I bought were:
French Patisserie ($42.95) -
The website describes this scent as - "This delicate and sweet fragrance resembles the stunning variety of fruits, pastry, custard and spices used in French desserts!"
But on the side of the candle it says "Pomegranate and pink apple burst to life with buttery pastry, sugar plum and vanilla bean"
Watermelon Crush ($44.95) - "A refreshing fragrance of watermelon, sparkling water and squeezed lemons"
Strawberry Daiquiri ($46.95) - "Fruity strawberry splashed with orange and a smooth shot of rum"
I ordered three to qualify for free shipping (which you get with orders over $100) and I used the code SAVE10 for $10 off orders over $100 (you could also use SAVE25 for $25 off orders over $200). Shipping otherwise is between $4.95 and $7.95 depending on your order, and it took 2 days to arrive to me in Melbourne. Shipping was tracked and it did not require a signature on delivery. The candles were packed well and were wrapped in bubble wrap and had their own individual cardboard box.
My favourite of the three candles is the Watermelon Crush as it has a nice fresh watermelon scent and it has the strongest scent throw and when you walk in the room you can smell it. The other two candles barely have any scent throw (especially French Patisserie) and you can only really smell them when you are very close to them. For the price I was expecting a much stronger scent. My favourite candles are Glasshouse candles which retail for $40 for the same size and I can burn them for 10 minutes at a time and the scent will fill my whole 2 bedroom unit. I also was disappointed in the scent of the French Patisserie candle as it had a generic sweet scent and didn't smell at all like pastry, custard and spices.
Each candle took approximately 4 to 6 hours of burn time to get down to where the ring is located and I only found the generic $10 to $50 rings in my candles, which was a little disappointing. Nevertheless I do think two of the three were really pretty and felt good quality (I didn't like the middle one so much and I think it looks quite cheap and doesn't fit me). The two coloured rings look a lot more expensive and they have a good weight to them and don't seem like they will break or tarnish too easily. Some of the US ring candles contain codes which allow your to appraise the ring that you get online. Unfortunately this one doesn't do that so you can't tell if your ring is worth $10 or if its worth $50. One downside to these rings is that you could potentially get rings that don't fit you. There are other ring candle companies from the US that ask for your ring size when ordering.
The basic rings that you can get are worth from $10 to $50, then you can get tier 3 rings that are worth from $50 to $199 (these will come with a tag saying their value range) and I believe tier 2 (approx. $200 to $500) and 1 rings (approx $500 to $1,000) just come with a tag asking you to visit the site to pick your ring, which is a great idea because you don't want to be stuck with a $1,000 ring that you don't like or that doesn't fit. 
Overall I though these were a really fun concept (maybe the gambler in me was really hoping for a good quality ring), but I wasn't in love with the scents of the candles and the style of the rings weren't really my taste. If you love the look of the rings above then I would recommend checking out a candle, but be careful because if you have particularly large or small fingers then they might not fit you.
Would I repurchase these? No, I would prefer to buy a couple Glasshouse candles and buy myself a ring that I would really love, but I can see how a lot of people would like these if they love the style of rings (I admittedly am a little obsessed with watching ring reveal videos on YouTube these days). These would also be a great gift idea. If you want a candle to pack a punch with scent then the only one I can recommend of the three is the Watermelon Crush.
Have you tried these candles? What were your thoughts?



  1. haha.. the gambler in you... I would do that too and hope for a good ring.

  2. Crazy concept! I love Glasshouse candles- though Peter Alexander has almost ruined the Tahaa scent for me because it's so generic now, but still delicious. I love the coloured rings you got- and likewise the middle one doesn't do anything for me. Who would have dreamt of hiding a ring inside a candle to make money?!

  3. These candles look so lovely! The packaging is really cute haha, I'm so curious to smell the French one x

    Katina | www.katinalindaa.com

  4. Such an exciting concept! It would be amazing to get an expensive ring. Pity about the fragrances, though!

  5. I bought three candles and got a tier 3 ring in one of them... Just so you know tier 3 is just a tag too with a coupon code and you go online and pick your ring style and size and you get free tracked shipping. Also I got the French patisserie, champagne bliss and sweet pea and the champagne bliss hasn't got a real lot of fragrance but the other two do so maybe since they are handmade there are some variations in how much fragrance they give out?

  6. I cannot go past these candles. I have bought more than candles than i have fingers, and cannot priase them enough. As mentioned above you get to choose the ring and the size if it is of significant value. The quality is a standout, and i have to say the fragrances are much more enticing (pardon the pun) than the glass house ones.i dont buy them for the rings, the scents alone are worth the purchase. The rings are a fun side bonus, and its exciting to see if you get a winner. A great south australian owned company who deserves support!


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