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Chi Chi Brow Pomade vs Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade - review, comparison and swatches

October 22, 2015


Hey friends! If you are from Australia or New Zealand, you might know that Chi Chi Cosmetics has brought out a Brow Pomade which looks like an affordable dupe for the ever so raved about Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. Well, I thought I would write a post comparing some basic information about each of the products and putting them both to the test. It is also worth mentioning that that I got these products around the same time so I used the Chi Chi one for one week and then the ABH one for one week. Both of the shades that I bought are Medium Brown.

If you aren't sure what these products are, they are essentially a highly pigmented pot set brow gels (similar to a gel liner) that you apply with an angled brush and they set waterproof and budge proof. 


The packaging of these products are pretty much the same (besides the label design). Both come in small cardboard boxes and the product comes in small glass tubs with black lids. The ABH packaging does look a lot classier overall. I also noticed that the ABH one doesn't come with any directions but the Chi Chi one comes with instructions inside the lid (which I completely forgot to take a photo of). Even though I think this product is a little self explanatory, I do really appreciate the Chi Chi recommendation to wipe off excess in the lid and to use the lid as a palette to work from. I thought that this tip was fantastic and I apply it to both products.

Chi Chi Brow Pomade 
Retails for AU$14.95 from Target and Myer
Contains 2 grams of product
6 shades available (no reds, greys or very light shades)
12 month expiry
Waterproof and budge proof
Cruelty Free

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade
Retails for AU$39 in Australia, but around AU$26 on international sites (like Beautybay)
Contains 4 grams of product
11 shades available
6 month expiry
Waterproof and budge proof
Cruelty Free

Before I give my comparison on how these products perform, I wanted to point out that if you are willing to look past the product expiry, the ABH Dipbrow is actually better value per gram if you were to buy it from an international store. I bought mine from the ABH official site where it retails for US$18 (AU$24-25) plus shipping. If you were planning on placing a large order then this may be a good option but otherwise other international stores with free shipping are better value.

1 week of use. Left - Chi Chi, right - ABH
Onto the product itself.

You can see from the above photo that the Chi Chi Brow Pomade is a lot wetter and creamy in consistency compared to the ABH Dipbrow. I have notice that this means that you are likely to pick up more product and use more product - you can see in the above photo the difference in how much I used for a week of applications. This very pigmented wet gel formula applies really smoothly on the brows, but it can easily lead to over applying the product which will leave you with dark sharpie brows. I have heard a lot of people complaining that they bought the wrong shade because they have been over applying the product which makes it appear too dark (definitely also look at buying a shade lighter to avoid this). If you follow the directions and remove the excess off the brush into the lip then this applies very well and lasts all day without any budging. This is does set waterproof but it doesn't hold brow hairs in place very well and you will still require a brow gel if you have unruly brow hairs.

The ABH Dipbrow Pomade also lasts all day and looks almost identical as the Chi Chi Brow Pomade when applied to the brows. The main difference is that the product is a lot drier and more dense - so you use less product and it is easier to control how much product you apply. I also found that this held the hairs in place a little better than the Chi Chi one did.

Overall the wear time and the effect on the brows were very similar, and I even wore one on each brow for a day and didn't notice the difference. The main difference is in the formula and the ease of application. I personally prefer the ABH Dipbrow formula because you don't need to be as careful when applying it. I also feel like the ABH Dipbrow will last longer in the tub because it a) contains more product; and b) the firmer product will most likely stay the same consistency for longer, whereas I am predicting that the Chi Chi wet formula will dry out quite quickly.


Onto the colours. I have Medium Brown in each shade and they look almost identical swatches! I think the Chi Chi is on the left, but I am having second thoughts. Both shades are a deep cool toned (almost green toned) brown which is a perfect brow colour. You can see how bold the colour comes out swatched, and if you aren't careful this can be the colour that comes out on your brows, but if you apply a tiny amount to start off then the shade is a lot lighter and you can build it up to your desired look. When applied well this colour should suit people with medium brows who want a lighter natural look though to people with medium brows who want a bold dark look - it's all in the application technique.

I have filmed a review comparison of these products and I apply each of them on the brows at the end if you want to see how I apply them.

In conclusion, even though these products perform almost exactly the same when applied, I am a lot more impressed with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade as the consistency is easier to work with. The Chi Chi Brow Pomade is a fantastic dupe, but I would still prefer to spend the extra money to buy the ABH for the ease in application - especially since I ignore the expiry period of products and I will be potentially using these products for years. I also recommend ABH Dipbrow for people who have more unique shades of brows, as the Chi Chi one is very limited with their shade range. If you have never tried a brow product like this, then the Chi Chi Brow Pomade is a great place to start because it's affordable (especially if you can find it on sale) and if you don't like it then you won't be wasting too much money.



  1. I find that the ABH DipBrow dries out somewhat quickly. I like that though because it's easier to apply once its dry but my friend gets so frustrated because hers dries out particularly quickly (we bought them around the same time but use different shades). I've heard a lot about Chi Chi and would love to try their stuff x

  2. Thanks for the detailed review, its interesting to know that ABH is cheaper than Chi chi in terms of quantity, but 6 months usage time is bit shorter.


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