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Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminators collection - review and swatches

October 26, 2015


Hello lovelies, you may or may not have picked up on the fact that 2015 has been my year for highlighters! I have started wearing highlighters every day this year and it is the one item I can't resist splurging on. I decided to invest in the whole collection of the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminators and here are my thoughts


Ok lets start with the basics. As far as I am aware, you can only buy these from the official Anastasia Beverly Hills website where they retail for US$28 each. Shipping to Australia was around the US$17-18 mark. There are four shades in the range and each shade contains 9 grams of product.

The boxes are the same black cardboard with rose gold logo of all ABH packaging (yes, I have already become sick of typing Anastasia Beverly Hills). You can see the ingredients listed in the photo below.

Oh I thought I would quickly mention that I had to follow up my order because I hadn't received my tracking notification and it was 9 days after ordering it. The customer service was great and threw in a free illuminator (which I am giving away on instagram) because of the delay. Once I received my shipping notification it only took 3 days to arrive to Melbourne.


Each illuminator comes in a shiny black round plastic compact that has a nice sized mirror in the lid and a clip closure. These aren't the most sturdy of all compacts on the market and feel quite light, but they don't feel like they will break and they look and feel very sleek. On the bottom of each compact is a large sticker that has the shade name in big letters and the sticker is a similar colour as the product... so its east to see which one you are reaching for without needing to open the compact.


The product itself is breathtaking (yes, I think makeup is breathtaking). The product is pressed into an art-deco type design which hits the light in different ways to make some parts of the pan look darker and other parts look lighter. The design is very beautiful. I have also heard that the design is supposed to help the brush pick up the perfect amount of product... eh, it's pretty.


Starlight is described as being a white gold. I actually adore this shade as it's very light, which will suit fair and light skinned people, but it isn't a frosty shade. I have a light to medium skintone and I was very worried that this will look chalky on me (as many silvery highlighters do), but what makes this shade amazing is that it doesn't have much of a white or silver base colour so it almost looks like a light sheen on the skin. This also has a complex finish which almost looks like it has a light gold and pink duo-chrome flash which prevents this looking too icy and harsh. I think this would suit most people who have cooler toned skin.

So Hollywood is described as being a true gold. This must be the shade of the year as many brands are coming out with yellow gold champagne highlighters. This is beautiful and gives a warm champagne gold sheen to the skin, but it's very similar to products like Becca Champagne Pop and Laura Geller Gilded Honey. This would definitely be the most universal of all of the shades in this collection and would be a safe bet if you weren't sure which shade to buy.

Rivera is described as a rose gold. This is like no other highlighter I have ever seen, and I am reluctant to call it a rose gold. This is more of a nude mauve highlighter and is a similar colour as something like MAC Mineralised Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle but a lot deeper in shade. This would suit many people who have medium or deeper skintoned and prefer more cooler pink toned products over golds and peaches. I personally still love this shade and enjoy using it as a nude-plum shimmery blush or over the top of a blush.

Peach Nectar is described as an apricot gold. This is definitely an apricot coloured product and has a strong orange base but it almost has a silvery sheen to it. I was very reluctant to order this one as there is no way I could pull this off as a highlight, but I am SO glad I have ordered it because it is the most gorgeous shimmery peach blush and it will get a lot of use this summer! If you had much deeper skintones and love warmer products then this is the highlighter for you, otherwise try it as a blush!

top to bottom - Peach Nectar, Rivera, So Hollywood, Starlight

Overall I am pretty impressed with these highlighters. Sure, they are a complete pain in the butt to get your hands on in Australia and with shipping and conversion they aren't cheap... BUT they are gorgeous. What I love about these over other highlighters (such as Becca) is that these are a lot firmer in formula and aren't as powdery, they don't emphasise pores and imperfections (which is my biggest pet peeve about the Becca ones), and they give more of a glow or a wet look to the cheeks rather than the look of glitter or powder sitting on your cheeks. You can apply these lightly for more of a natural glow or apply them heavily for a beautiful sheen. I also love that these cater for many skin types, and even if you can't wear the darker shades as a highlighter, they make the most beautiful shimmery (but not sparkly) blushes or blush toppers.

Would I recommend everyone going out and buying the whole set? No, but if you can do a joint order with a few friends to save on shipping then they are worth checking out!



  1. These are gorgeous! I need them in my life!

  2. OMG these look so beautiful!! I can't believe you have four of them that's amazing!!!

    This Damsel Loves Blog

  3. Love the art deco design on the product - it's so distinctive and eye-catching! I was thinking if I were to buy one of these it would be So Hollywood, but looking at your swatches, Starlight is calling out to me. It's so beautiful and in my eyes a bit more unique than So Hollywood.

    1. Yeah the design is amazing! I love Starlight... So Hollywood is nice but very dupable!

  4. These are presented so beautifully! Boo for the hard to get nature of them though!


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