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Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit

September 7, 2015


It's now spring (hooray!) which means that warmer weather is on its way and soon we will be shedding the pants and stockings and the legs will come out! If you are like me, you have been in hibernation and have been a little lazy with the hair removal situation... here is a great pack to fix that. Here are my first impressions of the Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit.


Lets put it out there, if I can get away with shaving over waxing, I will choose shaving every time. However, in the warmer weather I can't stand having to shave my legs every day or every other day, so waxing becomes very very important if you want to stay prickle free.

Now, I have dabbled with home waxing numerous times in the past and I always find that I heat up the wax too much or not enough and the consistency is off and I end up making a lot of mess... AND over the last year I actually haven't had a microwave (it broke down and I never bothered replacing it) so I haven't been able to heat up wax at home... this is where the Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit has come in handy!

This kit comes with everything you see in the photo above - a self heating device and its cap, a 50ml roll on wax refill, 12 non woven strips, 4 post depilatory wipes, an electrical cable and an instruction leaflet.

This kit retails for $39.95 from Priceline and the wax refills are $14.99.


You simply insert the wax refill into the heating device, plug it in and wait 20-40min for it to warm up to the perfect temperature. I let it heat up for 40min because the weather is currently pretty cold and I have read reviews that if you only leave it for 20min then it doesn't apply as evenly (you might only need to heat it for 20min when the weather is a lot warmer).

You then apply the roller to you skin and the wax applies in a nice thin layer (you can apply another layer if it initially applies a little patchy). The most exciting thing to me was that the wax is bright pink! Now I can't tell you how much more fun this process is when the wax is pink... I am a sucker for things like that. The wax didn't feel too hot because it applies in a thin layer.

I found that this wax worked really well and I was quite surprised because my leg hairs weren't as long as they normally need to be when I have waxed them previouslu. I found that the wax did start to cool down after around 15min... so if you are waxing large areas then I would suggest to reheat this after 15-20min.

I only waxed from the knees down so I didn't use up the whole cartridge of wax, and I honestly don't know how many waxes one refill contains. Also note that this is the refill for arms and legs, they do have refills for underarms and bikini lines which have a smaller applicator.

There was one negative that I experienced with this system... and I think it might annoy me quite a lot down the track. I used about 6 or so fabric strips and I am used to being able to wash them and reuse them (as other pot waxes are water soluble), this wax is really really stubborn and almost has a waxy chewing gum consistency. To remove the excess off your legs you NEED to use the towelettes provided because the wax only dissolves with oil. This annoys me because with this type of wax you can't wash the fabric strips, which means if you use too many then you literally need to go buy backups. Also since the wax is so hard to remove, if you do get it on any fabric (I went to wipe my hands on a tea towel) it will be very difficult to remove. The only improvement I could suggest to this kit is that they make the wax water soluble.

I loved using this system, the process was a lot more mess free than any other at home wax kit I have used previously, it also was fun to use, very effective, and I loved the pink wax. The one downside is that you can't wash the fabric strips and I know for a fact that once I run out of strips I will either forget to buy more or resent having to buy more at an added cost. If you want a very simple no fuss at home waxing system, I do highly recommend trying this out!

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?



  1. Nice concept!thank you for this lovely review!
    Have a fab week!

  2. I agree with certain wax brands, sometimes its hard to take them off especially if you've used all the after care wipes! I prefer waxing but shaving is a lot easier too! I'd like to try this product though after reading your review!

    This Damsel Loves Blog

  3. Ohhh interesting. I hate using wax because of the mess. Might give it a try! I'm scared of pulling the epilator out LOL

  4. This sounds really simple to use, but knowing me I will probably mess up some how haha

  5. I love my kit! I have been using mine for a year. I simply refuse to pay $40+ on a wax at a salon. great to read your thought because i have recommended it to a few people
    Renee x

  6. I use the veet wax strips (with the wax already on), and i agree that it's hard to remove any residue without the towelettes (which i ALWAYS run out of before the strips). Baby oil works OK, but I wish they either sold the towelettes individually or made the wax water soluble.


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