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September 4, 2015


Hey lovelies!

The warmer weather is coming up in Australia (woo hoo!) and I thought I would dedicate a post to some SunSense products that I recently were sent for review.

This is a review/informative post because I have used the face products and lip balm for a few weeks, used one of the body sunscreens a couple of times and then there are a few products I haven't yet tried... but I thought I would give some basic information anyway.

There are a lot of different products available in the SunSense range, and they are all conveniently colour coded for different purposes - e.g. blue is sport, red is ultra, purple is sensitive, yellow is junior etc etc.

All of the sunscreens in the range are fragrance free, dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin. They also all contain Vitamin B3 (nicotinamide) which helps to maintain normal skin barrier function, reduce inflammation, moisturise the skin, improve skin tone and texture and is beneficial to acne prone skin. All of the sunscreens are also UVA and UVB protection with SPF of 50 or 50+.

The products that I have are:

SunSense Clear Mist Cool and Dry ($17.99 for 200ml at Priceline): I am obsessed with this stuff! I hate body sunscreens because they are so sticky and gross... and yes, this does have that tackiness of a sunscreen once applied, BUT it applies as a fine mist spray that allows you to apply an even thin layer and you can easily apply this in hard to reach places. This is SPF 50 and is 3 hours water resistant. The only thing to note is that this is an alcohol based spray.

SunSense Clear Gel Cool and Dry (125ml): I haven't tried this yet but it is designed to be a quick drying gel that is easily spreadable and is SPF 50.

SunSense Sensitive Lotion (75ml for $11.49 from Priceline): A gentle sunscreen designed for people with sensitive skin. SPF 50+.

SunSense Ultra For The Family (200ml): SPF 50+ with 3 hours water resistance, easily applied and absorbed.

SunSense Lip Balm (15ml for $3 at Priceline): This has not found a permanent place in my car. I apply this every morning and I really love it. It is a thin formula that prevents dry lips, but it is the only SPF 50+ lip balm that I own... and its so cheap!

SunSense Sport (125ml for $9.99 at Priceline): This has SPF 50+, is 4 hours water resistant and is sweat and sand resistant.

Onto the ones that peak my interest the most... the face sunscreens.


SunSense Anti-Aging Face (100ml for $20.99 at Priceline): This is a thin sunscreen that is SPF 50+, contains AHAs (alpha hydroxy acid), Vitamin E and Vitamin B3. AHA is an acid used in skincare to help reduce dead skin cells and it helps to smooth and firm the skin. This is a great everyday sunscreen that no only prevents aging from providing high protection, but the added ingredients help reduce aging that has already occurred. This is light weight and doesn't cause any breakouts.

SunSense Anti-Aging Face Matte Invisible Tint Finish (100ml $21.49 at Priceline): This is similar to the anti-aging one above as it is SPF 50+ and contains AHAs, Vitamin E and Vitamin B3, however this also has a matte finish and a tint to the product. This is the sunscreen that I have been using the most out of the range because I have slightly oily skin and really love the "matte" finish. This isn't so much matte on the skin, but it definitely doesn't look as shiny as other sunscreens. I also love the tint because it doesn't add coverage, but merely takes away the white cast. This is my personal pick of the sunscreens in this range.

SunSense Daily Face Invisible Tint Finish (75g for $14.99 at Priceline): This is also an SPF 50+ sunscreen with a matte finish and a tint, but this is more of a high SPF tinted moisturiser. This does work well, and would be great for people who love simple skincare routines, but I personally prefer a separate moisturiser and sunscreen.

Those are my thoughts on the SunSense range. I personally LOVE the Lip Balm, the Anti-Aging Face Matte Invisible Finish face sunscreen and the Clear Mist body sunscreen. There is literally something for everyone in the SunSense line and it is definitely worth while checking out for the warmer months coming up. Everything is SPF 50 and great value for money!


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  1. This is one of those brands I feel like I've used my whole life! It's cool to see they've added more to the classic range, too. x


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