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Rimmel London Brow This Way - review and swatches

September 22, 2015


Brows have been one of my most important steps of my makeup routine for years now and I am really excited to see more affordable options coming out at the drugstore. Rimmel London has brought out a new Brow This Way range which contains Brow Sculpting Kits and three tinted Brow Styling Gels. I was sent these for review and, after using them for the past few weeks, I am ready to give my thoughts!

l-r: medium brown wax and powder, dark brown wax and power

Lets start with the Brow Sculpting Kits. I have the shades Medium Brown and Dark Brown. These retail for $12.95 each and contain 3.3g of product each. They also come with a mini spooley and a double ended angle brush. The packaging is very basic and doesn't contain a mirror, but they are very small, sleek and travel friendly.

The benefit of having a wax and powder duo is that if you need to fill in large areas of your brows or you need to extend your brows (unfortunately I need to do both), generally you will need a wax to help the powder stick to the areas that don't have much hair. If you apply a wax first then it gives the powder something to adhere to and it also can help tame the brow hairs. I generally use these types of kits by first applying the wax and then applying the powder on top, but you could do it the other way around, mix the two together or use them individually.

The wax is very pigmented and the colour is nice and cool toned. The only downside for me is that the wax is too wet and slippery to really hold the brows in place, but it does provide a great base for powder to adhere to. Some brow waxes are dry enough to be used on their own without needing to be set with the powder, but this one stays quite tacky and does require setting with the powder to stay in place. The powder itself is a little too warm toned for my liking so I prefer to use the wax to fill in my brows and then apply a small amount of the powder just to set the wax. Since both wax and powder (in both kits) are quite pigmented then using them together can look darker than what you might originally expect. I would like to see this kit with a cooler toned powder and maybe lighter shades as well.

t-b: Dark Brown, Medium Brown and Blonde
The Sculpting Brow Gels in the range include Blonde, Medium Brown and Dark Brown. Each of these retail for $12.95 and contain 8.8g of product. Firstly, I love the colours of these, they are all quite cool or green toned which makes for great brow colours. The Blonde shade is particularly great as often drugstore blonde brow products tend to look quite orange. The pigmentation is also really nice and it definitely helps fill in your brows. The spooley applicator could be smaller, but the tapered tip means that you can get a quite precise application. My main negative is that the gel doesn't hold your brows in place. So if you have long unruly brow hairs like me, then this will add colour but won't hold them in place.

Overall I really don't mind these products, they are definitely something that I am happy to use and if you are on a budget then they are a decent option. I am probably most impressed with the brow gels because the shades are really great and wearable, which is pretty rare for products that are in this price range. If you have brow hairs that generally stay in place but might require little bit of colour, then I would recommend trying the tinted brow gels, but if you want some more precise sculpting of your brows then try the wax and powder kits... just be careful because the powers do look quite warm.

These products were sent for review, but my reviews are my honest opinion.


  1. These products sound pretty amazing, same with the price. That brow gel seems like it would be a great product, specially for myself.I would love to get my hands on some of these products.


  2. These look like great products- I can't wait to try them!

    Brunette-ish | A Beauty Blog

  3. This is a great, honest review! I've been really liking the L'Oreal Brow Artist Plumper for a budget friendly way to do my brows!

    xo, Liz

  4. Dark Brown looks like it would be perfect for me! Great post Kat :) x

    Katina | www.katinalindaa.com


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