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Pure Hair Food - mini brand review

September 25, 2015


Hey kids! Today I am sharing with you a few hair products from the brand Pure Hair Food that I have been trying and loving lately. I was sent these for review, but as per usual, I will give a completely honest review.

Pure Hair Food is an Australian brand of hair care that includes a few shampoos and conditioners (moisture range, volume range, and a clarifying shampoo) and various hair treatments/styling products. Each of the products are Australian made, made from natural ingredients and are cruelty free (the products that don't contain beeswax are also vegan).

I have been trying the Moisture Shampoo, Moisture Conditioner and Styling Anti-Frizz Treatment from the range and overall I am pretty impressed. I started using these products when my hair was in a pretty gross state (I have no idea what was up with it but it was feeling really dry but limp and weighed down) and these products were really effective at making my hair feel healthier.

All of the products that I used were sulphate, paraben and sodium chloride free, vegan friendly and cruelty free, and also colour safe. The shampoo contain Moroccan argan oil, Australian aloe vera, pro-vitamin B5 and Australian wheat protein as its main ingredients. The conditioner contains Moroccan argan oil, Australian sweet almond oil, African shea butter and Australian wheat protein as the main ingredients. Lastly the hair treatment contains Australian macadamia oil, Australian aloe vera and Australian sunflower oil as the main ingredients (Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi).
Check out the photo below for all the ingredients and details.


Ok time for my thoughts. I have been really enjoying these products as a bit of a hair detox, my hair has definitely been playing up and it has been in need of products like this. Being sulphate free the shampoo doesn't lather too well (sulphates help products foam up so often sulphate free products don't feel very satisfying to use), but it's still nice to use and they definitely make my hair feel clean, lightweight, hydrated and healthy. The anti-frizz treatment is a great product because it is more of a cream, instead of an oil, and it helps tame frizz without weighing down my hair... it also makes my hair smell like bubblegum and I would use it solely for that purpose.

I really like the packaging. I like the brown basic (almost old school medicinal looking) plastic bottles with the white pumps and the cleanly designed labels. The printing looks a little smudged but I think it gives a more local and small company vibe which I think has is charm. The company is also based in Montmorency which I get a bit of a kick out of because I grew up in Eltham which is right down the road. I just feel like this is a brand that I really get behind.

My only downside is that the bottles are pretty small (shampoos and conditioners are 250ml and the treatment is 125ml) and each of the products retail for $28.90. I do think this is a reasonable price for the products if you are into the whole cruelty free, locally made, natural ingredients philosophy, but if you don't really care about all of that then these might not be cost effective enough for you. Each to their own.

If you want to check out the whole range and learn more about Pure Hair Food, then check out their website for all the details! - http://www.purehairfood.com.au/



  1. love this kind of natural products!
    love the sweet almond oil,the argan oil and it s nice for the hair and for skin care too!

  2. You don't need the bubbles (sulfates) they are a cheap nasty fake ingredient added in the 80's to make things bubble bigger!!

    1. yeah but bubbles make the product feel better


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