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Mac Whirl Lipstick - review, swatches and comparison to Velvet Teddy

September 9, 2015


About a month ago (I am clearly very behind with blogging) MAC released a few new matte lipstick shades to their permanent range. If you know me or read my blog you will know that one of my favourite types of lipsticks are MAC lipsticks, specifically their matte formula. A couple of the new lipsticks are based on popular lip liner shades, and the one shade that caught my eye (and many other peoples eye) is the shade Whirl.


Since this is a permanent lipstick it comes in the regular MAC packaging and retails in Australia for $36. This shade is described as a "dirty rose" but it is definitely a deep rosy brown. The formula is beautiful, most of MAC's matte lipsticks have a creamy formula that is very pigmented, lasts for hours and doesn't dry out the lips, and this shade is no different. I

I mainly wanted to pick up this shade because I have loved Velvet Teddy for around 5 years now! Velvet Teddy became a huge cult favourite after the whole Kylie Jenner 90s lip trend happened, but I can wear my makeup hipster title proudly and say that I has this shade years before most people knew it existed. Whirl is compared a lot to Velvet Teddy but is seen as being a darker version... so I thought I would do a quick comparison.


Above are swatches of MAC's Velvet Teddy (top) and Whirl (bottom). Now I want to mention straight away that I think Whirl looks a lot darker swatched and applied than it does in the bullet and it also looks a lot more... well brown!

Both lipsticks have the same finish, pigmentation and creamy application and both are a rosy brown nude shade. I'm sure you can see that Velvet Teddy is a lot more peachy nude and mid toned whereas Whirl is a lot darker and instead of looking nude it definitely leans more burgundy brown. Whirl wears on the lips for a good 4+ hours.

PicMonkey Collage

I love the formula of both of these lipsticks and both shades are really beautiful. I do think Velvet Teddy is a lot more wearable and would suit 90% of people whereas you need to be a little more daring to wear Whirl because it can look just like a dark brown on the lips, which a lot of people won't be comfortable wearing. If this colour wasn't on trend at the moment, I can imagine a lot of people giving this colour a miss. Below is an instagram photo of me wearing Whirl and you can see how brown it can appear. Even though I do like it, I honestly haven't been reaching for it too often... maybe I will wait until next autumn to wear it more.

If you are currently in a country that has just gone into autumn/fall then this would be a great deep nude-ish lip alternative to a berry for a dark red.

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  1. Whirl is so beautiful, I have always wanted Velvet Teddy but I think it is too light for my skin tone. Whirl is just perfection I am going to buy it as we speak

  2. MAC's matte formula really is amazing! I've been super tempted by Whirl, as Whirl lip liner has been my faves for years. But I can see how it might not be the most wearable- definitely going to try it first!


  3. I've tried Velvet Teddy and it looks basically the same colour as my lips haha! I think Whirl looks gorgeous, definitely interested in giving it a go!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. Thats why I love Velvet Teddy... its the same colour as my lips so its my perfect nude!

  4. Velvet Teddy is my favourite lipstick ever, and Whirl is gorgeous but as it's a lot more darker I don't seem to reach for it as much. Looks beautiful on you! xx

    Daniela |

  5. Wow okay I want both honestly hahah! They both suit you so well :) x

    Katina |

  6. Whirl would suit me better as it's much more warming and a little deeper. Gorgeous though both of them. Laura x


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