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Urban Decay Naked Smoky - review, swatches and comparison to Naked 1, 2 and 3

August 31, 2015


YEEEE! A new Urban Decay Naked Palette... well... kinda. This is the brand new Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette.

Let's take a moment for some Monday morning verbal diarrhoea. I know that this is a Naked palette... it has the same shaped packaging, the same number of shades and the same shaped pans... but is this the Naked 4? Or is this just the Naked Smoky and the Naked 4 will be coming out in the future? Also who else spells smoky with an ey? Aaanyway lets get to the review :P


So this palette came out in Australia on the 25 August 2015 and you can buy this in store in Mecca Maxima or online at Mecca.com.au and it retails for AU$78 (US$54 in the US) and contains 12 x 1.3 gram eye shadows. You can see in the above photos that the box the palette comes in has a nice smoky design with details of the shades on the back. You also get a smoky eye information sheet with four completely different smoky looks and general information about what makeup is best to pair with a smoky eye.


Let's just stop for a second and admire the packaging of the actual palette.

The packaging is very different from the last three naked palettes (1 is made of felt covered cardboard with a magnetic closure and 2 and 3 are in metal tins with click type closures). This is a rectangular palette made from a beautiful smoke infused plastic design and raised silver text. On the back you can see the smoke design in clear plastic which allows you to see through to the pans and the brush. The packaging contains a large mirror, a sturdy magnetic closure and the lid sits open on its own so you don't need to hold it up when you're using it. This also comes with a double ended brush with one end being a pencil brush and the end a blending brush. Overall the packaging looks amazing, it perfectly embodies the smoky vibe and feels great quality. One smart thing about this packaging is that it would be quite hard to copy exactly so it should be easier to spot fakes.


Here are the beautiful shades. There are 12 shades in total and they are organised roughly by finish - 4 shimmery shades, 4 satin shades and 4 matte shades.

You can see that overall this is quite a dark and cool toned palette. If you want to see how it compares to the other palettes, don't worry I have your back...

top - bottom: Naked Smoky, Naked 3, Naked 2 and Naked 1

You can see from the above photo that all palettes are different. Naked Smoky is a lot darker and cooler toned than any of the other palettes, Naked 3 is very rose toned, Naked 2 is cool toned but more muted and neutral than the Naked Smoky, and Naked 1 is a lot warmer toned than the Naked Smoky.

If I had to pick one palette that is closest to Naked Smoky, I would say it is the Naked 1. The Naked 1 does have some darker cool toned shades like Creep and Gunmetal. It also has some similar lighter shades to the Naked Smoky - High is similar to Sin, Dirty Sweet is similar to Half Baked and Radar is similar to Smog. I did a full video first impressions review of the Naked Smoky and I swatch it compared to similar shades from the other three Naked palettes.

Now lets talk about each individual shades. Do note that a few of these shades have featured in Vice palettes but they haven't been in any of the Naked Palettes. The majority of these shades are exclusive to this palette.


High - described as a champagne shimmer micro-glitter. This is neutral peachy shade with cool silvery champagne shimmer.
Dirtysweet - described as a medium bronze. This is a shimmery muted bronze/gold shade.
Radar - described as a metallic taupe iridescent micro-glitter. I have no idea how UD came up with that description! This a sheer cool toned bronze shade with a very slight gold sheen. This shade blends well, so even though it is sheer it works well as a crease colour or a shade that you can build up.
Armor - described as a metallic silver-taupe tonal sparkle. This is a beautiful taupe silver and I love the colour! I love smoky eye looks but I find that cool silvers don't suit me, but this is a shade that I could wear because it almost has a warm hint to it. The bad thing about this shade is that the glitter does create a lot of fallout so its a bit of a high maintenance shade.
Slanted - described as a light metallic gray
Dagger - described as a medium charcoal micro-shimmer. This is a very blue toned slate shade that has a sheen to it rather than glitter. This almost satin finish makes this a lot more wearable than Gunmetal from the Naked 1.


Black Market - described as a jet-black satin. I don't think this is a true black, and it seems to be more of smooth pigmented black with a slight navy sheen to it. This is a beautiful shade - you can see the sheen better in the photo below.
Smolder - described as a deep plum-taupe. This is the only smoky purple in any of the Naked palette. It has a dark brown/grey base with a smooth sheen of purple. This would suit both brown and grey smoky eyes.
Password - described as a cool taupe matte. This is a smooth cool/grey toned matte. This isn't super pigmented but it applies smoothly and blends and builds well. This would also be a great brow shade.
Whiskey - described as a rich brown matte. This is a typical dark neutral matte brown.
Combust - described as a soft pink-taupe. This is a perfect neutral blending colour.
Thirteen - described as a light beige satin. This is a very bright, almost white, matte finish shade.


Overall I really do like this palette. Even though some of the shades seem similar to the Naked 1, I find that the Naked Smoky does it in a more muted and less shimmery/sparkly way... which makes it a lot more wearable. All of the shades blend beautifully and wear well. The only disappointing shade is Armor as the glitter fall out is quite annoying. I think this is the perfect one stop palette to create a brown smoky eye, black smoky eye, purple smoky eye, gunmetal/silver smoky eye or matte smoky eye. If you don't like smoky eye looks you can also make a very natural look using any of the first three shades and last three shades.

I think this is a great addition to the Naked family and it compliments the range without creating too many double ups. Even though you can make smoky eye looks with the previous Naked palettes, I think this one makes a classic and wearable smoky eye. I find the previous palettes (mainly the Naked 1) are way too shimmery and glittery and can create over the top almost costume looking smoky eye looks. If you are a smoky eye fan, or you just want to complete your Naked palette collection, I do recommend this palette!



  1. Amazing review Kat!!! I wasn't sure if I wanted or needed this palette but the shades certainly do seem extremely vibrant, pigmented and blendable. I also really like how they have them categorized by finish, and the addition of 4 matte shades is great to see! Love the look you created with this in your video!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

  2. The shades look so pretty. I absolutely love the packaging of this palette.

  3. The packaging is amazing! I am yet to own a Naked palette and I am not a smokey eye wearer but the shades in this are quite wearable! x

    Daniela | MissNewBeauty.net


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